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Lisa K Crosato: A Triple-Threat Talent from Vancouver Dominating Hollywood with her Creative Prowess

Lisa K. Crosato, a dynamic powerhouse from Vancouver, Canada, has carved her niche in Los Angeles as an accomplished actress, writer, and producer. After gathering a wealth of experience in a range of independent films, she extended her creative portfolio into writing and producing. Her first venture, where she took the triple role of writer, producer, and actress, was in “Kenmore Ave,” a film that caught eyes at Cannes where its trailer shared the red-carpet rotation with major features. The film is now enjoying distribution by Shorts TV.

Adding to her array of talents, Lisa also produced the award-winning feature-length documentary “From the Midst of Pain.” She helped develop the script for Jean Pierre Bekolo’s critically acclaimed film “Les Saignantes,” which not only received rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival but also bagged the prestigious Silver Stallion Award. Under the guidance of the legendary screenwriter Mardik Martin, known for “Raging Bull” and “Mean Streets,” Lisa penned her first screenplay “XXL,” which has since garnered several awards and has been recently optioned. She started writing in a Hollywood group for both actors and writers called WAL (writer/actor lab) where the iconic movie “Fight Club” was workshopped and written by Jim Uhls. Lisa learned a lot about writing from working with so many top Hollywood writers in this group and says, “I sincerely believe it is time to have a deeper and more meaningful conversation about writers and the importance of writers to the overall success of films and television.”

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Lisa’s upcoming endeavors include a riveting crime thriller she scripted about the infamous female serial killer Sheila LaBarre, set to be directed by the legendary Oscar winner Charles Burnett. She recently won “Best Script” for the work from the Multi Dimension Film Festival. “A Day in the Valley,” another script penned by Lisa just won “Best Comedy” in the Just 4 Shorts Hollywood Film Festival. She will star with Maggie Wagner and Sally Kirkland in the upcoming dark comedy. She is presently working on another comedy film project called “More Shenanigans” and wraps filming at the end of June.

In a testament to her passion for female-driven narratives, Lisa successfully launched “City of Angels Women’s Film Festival” in 2019. This platform empowers and connects women in the film industry, spotlighting remarkable films made by women and promotes inclusion, diversity and gender equality in the film industry. The festival was mentioned recently in Deadline Hollywood and has earned recognition in Variety and numerous other publications, drawing celebrities and top talent eager to share their diverse, global stories. COAWFF is partnered with Shout! Studios and offers winning filmmakers an opportunity to meet with their acquisitions team for a potential distribution or development deal.

Lisa recently returned from a successful experience of the 76th International Cannes Film Festival.

Stay connected with Lisa’s journey through her social media channels:

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Hollywood’s Renowned Actor Steve Crawford Recurring Role as Reverend Shawn Whittington in Eli Roth’s Upcoming Series, The Legion of Exorcists on MAX

Hollywood actor Steve Crawford, acclaimed for his unique blend of magic and acting, has recently landed a significant role in the upcoming Discovery/Warner HBO MAX series, “Eli Roth Presents: The Legion of Exorcists.” Crawford’s character, Reverend Shawn Whittington, is set to be a recurring one, marking Crawford’s first ongoing role in a television series.

Renowned filmmaker Eli Roth, recognized for his mastery in the horror genre, is bringing the new series to life. His impressive portfolio boasts successful movies such as Cabin Fever, Hostel, and The Green Inferno. Roth has also delivered blockbusters like The House with a Clock in Its Walls, starring Hollywood legends like Cate Blanchett and Jack Black.

The Legion of Exorcists, premiering on June 1st on HBO MAX (soon to transition to the name MAX), is set to deliver a thrilling and suspenseful experience for viewers. The series will also be available for streaming on Discovery Plus and Travel every Thursday night.

Crawford’s illustrious career spans over 40 years as a variety artist. Touring the country as a daredevil escape artist, illusionist, hypnotist, and magician, he developed a deep love for acting at the tender age of six. Over the years, Crawford has showcased his unique talents and acting prowess in over 30 films and television shows, making him a perfect fit for this new and exciting series.

His impressive portfolio of accolades includes the first-place winner in casting agents Brock and Allen’s Film Acting Competition, a Top Three Actor in America’s “Cast Me” Competition and Reality Show, and membership in the National Forensic League Honor Society. Crawford is also the recipient of the Sharp Acting Award and the first-place Nabisco Unlock The Magic Award, holding a record in the latter competition.

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Moving to Hollywood five years ago brought momentum to Crawford’s acting career. He has since worked on various television projects, co-hosting Fox Television’s “Magical Mystery Tour” and appearing in numerous commercials, most recently for Express.

For nearly ten months each year, Crawford would travel the country, dazzling audiences at various venues like Six Flags Over Texas, Magic Mountain, and Sea World San Diego. During the winter months, he returned to Oklahoma to continue acting. Over the years, he has shared the stage with notable figures like Henry Winkler and opened for rock concerts, including Alice Cooper.

A robust professional support system stands behind Crawford’s success. MJB Talent Agency in Los Angeles represents him, while GTK PR Agency, with Sherry Lee as his dedicated publicist, manages his publicity and public relations efforts. As Crawford prepares to captivate audiences with his performance in “The Legion of Exorcists”, this collaboration will play a crucial role in promoting and managing his thriving Hollywood career.

As Steve Crawford prepares to captivate audiences with his performance in The Legion of Exorcists, he continues to enchant audiences with his unique blend of magic and acting. He is undoubtedly an actor to watch, as his career continues its meteoric rise in Hollywood.

Follow Steve Crawford’s journey in Hollywood via his social media handles:

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Radio Personality Bianca Banks, Talks Family & The MND Show


Celebrity Radio Personality, Philanthropist and CEO

There was a rumble in the hills of Los Angeles, California when Bianca Banks popped onto the scene. 2017 marked the year when she first would face the public eye. She was introduced to the world as a cast mate on Bravo’s reality show ‘Invite Only: Cabo’. Making her debut on a well-established network next to the likes of hairstylist, Larry Sims, was mind-blowing for her. From this point on, she grabbed ahold of her career and turned into a businesswoman who would dominate the airwaves with her podcast, ‘The MND Show’.


The start of her life was already structured, as her parents were dedicated professionals. Her parents succeeded in the realms of healthcare and real estate throughout her life. Two fields that require concentration like no other. Banks’ father was quite strict, but she insists that this led her to become quite disciplined in her craft at a young age. Since she was young she was insistent on becoming something of herself, no matter the avenue. She believes no matter what one does, they must do their best at it.

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Banks credits her success to her natural ability to socialize on demand. She has accessed her own life experiences as well as the experiences of her viewers to provide input on an array of topics. Though she is the host of the show, she has a partner who has accompanied her along the way. Her daughter Jasmine Shannon has joined her to discuss life’s most strenuous topics. Shannon is a former NBA choreographer and is currently following in her mother’s footsteps by branching out into an entrepreneur of her own. One can catch ‘The MND Show’ every Tuesday at 7PM EST. Keep up with Bianca @itsbiancabanks and The MND Show @themndshow

The good conversation and expert gab is not one to be missed!

Bianca Banks – Radio Personality, Model & CEO

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