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American rapper Post Malone is the recipient of multiple awards including three American Music Awards, a Billboard Music Award and a MTV Video Music Award.


Post Malone received his first Grammy Award nominations at the 61st annual ceremony, with “Rockstar” being nominated for both Record of the Year and Best Rap/Sung Performance while “Better Now” garnered a nomination in Best Pop Solo Performance.  Additionally, his studio album Beerbongs & Bentleys nabbed a nomination for Album.

  The complete list of winners of the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, presented on Jan. 26, 2020, is below.



  1. Record Of The Year
  • “Hey, Ma” by Bon Iver
  • Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish
  • “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande
  • “Hard Place” by H.E.R.
  • “Talk” by Khalid
  • “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus
  • “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo
  • “Sunflower” by Post Malone & Swae Lee
  1. Album Of The Year
  • i,i by Bon Iver


  • Norman F******* Rockwell! by Lana Del Rey


  • when we all fall asleep, where do we go?by Billie Eilish


  • thank u, nextby Ariana Grande


  • I Used to Know Herby H.E.R.
  • by Lil Nas X


  • Cuz I Love You (Deluxe) by Lizzo


  • Father of the Brideby Vampire Weekend

Post Malone was nominated for the award Grammy 2020. The question now is, did Post Malone win any Grammys award 2020?



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Artist Spotlight

Richard Lynch Sticks to Tradition on Biographical “Right Where He Ought to Be”

“Right Where He Ought to Be”, like much of Richard Lynch’s work, is deeply rooted in traditional country music, often celebrating the simplicity of rural life, hard work, and strong family values. “Right Where He Ought to Be” continues this tradition, with its narrative (about Hollywood stuntman, Kim Kahana) focusing on finding contentment and a sense of belonging in one’s life choices and circumstances. The title itself suggests a story of realization and acceptance, reflecting on the journey of an individual who has discovered their place in the world—whether it be through returning to their roots, embracing their current life stage, or finding peace in their personal or professional life.

The song narrates the life of Kim Kahana, who, from a young age, walked across the country alone to make California his home. With only a third-grade education and having survived the Great Depression, he joins the military to fight in Korea, where he is captured and nearly killed. Displaying remarkable courage, he escapes death by faking his death and escaping. After the war, he returns to California, aspiring to work in the film industry. Starting as a stuntman, he eventually becomes a revered figure in Hollywood, teaching others for over 70 years.


Key messages include the power of belief in oneself, the importance of perseverance, and the idea that it’s never too late to find where you belong.

Richard Lynch stands out in the country music scene for his steadfast dedication to the traditional country sound, characterized by its storytelling, emotional honesty, and connection to rural life and blue-collar experiences. “Right Where He Ought to Be” is a reflection of these core themes, encapsulating the essence of what Lynch’s music represents.


Comparing “Right Where He Ought to Be” to the rest of Lynch’s discography, several key similarities and distinctions emerge:

  1. Thematic Continuity: Lynch’s songs frequently explore themes of love, loyalty, hard work, and the importance of roots and heritage. “Right Where He Ought to Be” aligns with these themes, likely offering a narrative that celebrates finding one’s place and peace in life, a recurring motif in his work.
  2. Musical Style: Lynch is known for his commitment to traditional country instrumentation and arrangements, shying away from the pop-influenced sounds that dominate modern country. This song, like much of his work, features classic country instruments such as steel guitar, fiddle, and acoustic guitar, creating a sound that is both nostalgic and timeless.
  3. Authenticity and Personal Connection: One of Lynch’s strengths is his ability to draw from his own life experiences, giving his music an authentic and relatable quality. Whether “Right Where He Ought to Be” is autobiographical or inspired by the stories of others, it maintains this personal touch, connecting with listeners through shared experiences and emotions.
  4. Evolution and Consistency: While maintaining a consistent sound, Lynch also shows evolution in his music, exploring various facets of country life and personal introspection. This song represents a deeper, more reflective side of Lynch, offering insights into his personal philosophy or life journey while still fitting comfortably within his established musical identity.

Overall, “Right Where He Ought to Be” serves as both a continuation of and a unique entry in Richard Lynch’s discography. It showcases his strengths as a traditional country artist while offering listeners a potentially new perspective on finding one’s place in the world. As with all of Lynch’s music, the song  resonates with those who appreciate country music’s ability to tell stories that are deeply human and profoundly relatable.

Other suggestions for similar themes and exploration would include Johnny Cash, for his storytelling in songs like “A Boy Named Sue,” which also explores themes of identity and destiny. and films about Hollywood’s golden era, such as “La La Land,” for its exploration of dreams, success, and the allure of the silver screen.

–Roger Newsome

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Lisa K Crosato: A Triple-Threat Talent from Vancouver Dominating Hollywood with her Creative Prowess

Lisa K. Crosato, a dynamic powerhouse from Vancouver, Canada, has carved her niche in Los Angeles as an accomplished actress, writer, and producer. After gathering a wealth of experience in a range of independent films, she extended her creative portfolio into writing and producing. Her first venture, where she took the triple role of writer, producer, and actress, was in “Kenmore Ave,” a film that caught eyes at Cannes where its trailer shared the red-carpet rotation with major features. The film is now enjoying distribution by Shorts TV.

Adding to her array of talents, Lisa also produced the award-winning feature-length documentary “From the Midst of Pain.” She helped develop the script for Jean Pierre Bekolo’s critically acclaimed film “Les Saignantes,” which not only received rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival but also bagged the prestigious Silver Stallion Award. Under the guidance of the legendary screenwriter Mardik Martin, known for “Raging Bull” and “Mean Streets,” Lisa penned her first screenplay “XXL,” which has since garnered several awards and has been recently optioned. She started writing in a Hollywood group for both actors and writers called WAL (writer/actor lab) where the iconic movie “Fight Club” was workshopped and written by Jim Uhls. Lisa learned a lot about writing from working with so many top Hollywood writers in this group and says, “I sincerely believe it is time to have a deeper and more meaningful conversation about writers and the importance of writers to the overall success of films and television.”


Lisa’s upcoming endeavors include a riveting crime thriller she scripted about the infamous female serial killer Sheila LaBarre, set to be directed by the legendary Oscar winner Charles Burnett. She recently won “Best Script” for the work from the Multi Dimension Film Festival. “A Day in the Valley,” another script penned by Lisa just won “Best Comedy” in the Just 4 Shorts Hollywood Film Festival. She will star with Maggie Wagner and Sally Kirkland in the upcoming dark comedy. She is presently working on another comedy film project called “More Shenanigans” and wraps filming at the end of June.

In a testament to her passion for female-driven narratives, Lisa successfully launched “City of Angels Women’s Film Festival” in 2019. This platform empowers and connects women in the film industry, spotlighting remarkable films made by women and promotes inclusion, diversity and gender equality in the film industry. The festival was mentioned recently in Deadline Hollywood and has earned recognition in Variety and numerous other publications, drawing celebrities and top talent eager to share their diverse, global stories. COAWFF is partnered with Shout! Studios and offers winning filmmakers an opportunity to meet with their acquisitions team for a potential distribution or development deal.


Lisa recently returned from a successful experience of the 76th International Cannes Film Festival.

Stay connected with Lisa’s journey through her social media channels:


Instagram: @lisakcrosato, @cityofangelswomensfilmfest Facebook:

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