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LuvAndreas Is Blazing His Path In The World Of Music Making a Real Name For Himself

An original style is one of the most refreshing things to hear in music. In a time when everything sounds the same, there needs to be more creativity and innovation in music. It stands out even more to see an artist dare to be excellent with the style of music they bring to the world. Boston-raised artist LuvAndreas brings that type of sound to the table, as he never seems to run out of fresh and authentic catchy vibe when producing new music. 

LuvAndreas is an upcoming Hip-Hop artist and songwriter who is gaining popularity quickly and is on his way to becoming a superstar. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, he has rapidly accumulated thousands of followers on social media and indicates no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

LuvAndreas conversed with us this week and answered our distinctive 11 Questions. Check it out below.


HONK: Let’s start by introducing ourselves. You know the basics, like name, age, and where you’re from, as much or little as you’re comfortable sharing.

LuvAndreas: Hi! My name is Andreas. I am 23 years old and was born in Boston, Massachusetts!


HONK: What’s the best advice you ever received concerning music?

LuvAndreas: The best piece of music advice I’ve ever received was keeping my artist’s integrity on lock. You feel better about yourself when you don’t sacrifice your beliefs for numbers.


HONK: What would you have done differently if you knew then what you know now?

LuvAndreas: I wish I were less arrogant about my come-up. I tarnished a lot of relationships and opportunities at the time. However, I needed to experience the things I experienced to be in the position I’m in today, so I can’t say I would’ve made any changes to my past.


HONK: What is still your biggest challenge?

LuvAndreas: My biggest challenge is finding the time to push my content across social. I’ve got a lot going on in my day, from writing music to working side jobs, taking music courses, maintaining relationships, working out, and trying to live a balanced life where I’m not sheltered in my studio 24/7 like I once lived. 

It’s been hard to put in the extra time for marketing. When I experienced my first music burnout, I took over a year off from posting content. Ever since, social media apps have hindered my reach. My passion is making authentic music, not promoting it. I’m working on getting my music out to as many ears as possible.


HONK: What keeps you going when things get tough in the music industry?

LuvAndreas: When things get tough, I ask myself, “what would life be like if I quit?” The answer is always “miserable.” I will not allow myself to give up on my dreams. I have one life on earth. I’d rather die knowing I tried than pass knowing I quit. I think about how much more beautiful life will get once I’m in the place I’m meant to be in. The thing is, I’ll never stop writing songs. The industry will never really break me. I make great music every day. That’s all it is for me. Suppose the numbers stay there. 

Oh well. I’ve had a blast doing what I do. I’ve already won. I’m already successful. I love my life and who I am. Sure, it would be even better if I bought houses strictly off the music, which is what I’m aiming for. But until then, I’m successful, and I can’t wait to succeed even more than I already have.


HONK: If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be?

LuvAndreas: I know this might sound generic, but Drake greatly influences me. I learned how to make vulnerable hits from his music. The way he perfected his sound has always stood out to me. I’m reaching that perfection, especially when ensuring every element and sound wave in the song is pure ear candy. Everything is so well-balanced and curated, and it’s genius. Opening for Drizzy would be a dream come true.


HONK: Please talk me through your creative process.

LuvAndreas: My creative process is pretty simple. I just self-reflect and freestyle into the mic. I tune into my feelings and let it all out. I’m visually painting a picture as the words come out. Once it’s done, I go back in, clean the words up, and revise. It’s profoundly intimate and emotional. Coming up with these songs is the most personal and sacred moment in what I do. It’s my favorite part.


HONK: What are you focusing your time on now?

LuvAndreas: I do many different things throughout my day traveling, working out, reading books, picking up new hobbies, practicing empathy and mindfulness, and taking those small steps forward that help me become better than I was yesterday. I’ve been expanding my overall palette for life’s many different experiences. 


HONK: How do you currently feel about the state of “Your genre” in general?

LuvAndreas: My current genre is still being developed and fine-tuned, I have yet to release any of these experimental songs, but you will hear them all on my upcoming album. It’s a self-reflective pop-rap album that’s taken influence from multiple different genres. They sound amazingly unique, and I can’t wait for the world to listen to what I’ve been creating.


HONK: How can our readers follow you online?

LuvAndreas: You can find me on InstagramTwitterYouTubeSpotifyTikTok, and more! I go by LuvAndreas, and my music is available in 150+ music libraries. I’m working on my most significant album, which will be released in 2022. You won’t find any other music like this. Thank you!

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