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Meet CHEBO: One Of The Most Exciting Artist And Music Producer In The Industry Today


Music has long been something special that has united us, as well as exposed us to the world around us. Long from the days of music just coming from one specific place, you can now hear great music from any part of the world, with rocking jams that get the job done in a real way, as well as get us familiar with other styles out there. Now, this is where an incredible artist named “CHEBO” comes in.

Known for his electrifying stage performances and signature sound, CHEBO is an accomplished French composer, mixing engineer, producer and DJ who has continued on his adventure of exploring numerous sounds from many cultures and incorporating them into his music, which has earned him praise from his fan base. In a fiery pursuit of his passion, CHEBO had to put aside his promising career in finance to live his music dream. His hard work and fearless creativity have seen him release catchy tracks such as ‘Jiggle It’, paving way for hits like ‘Tonight’ – a breathtaking single shared by Spotify in the ‘Groove Theory’ editorial playlist. This artful yet full of rhythm dance song is structured sophistically and offers an addictive classic disco vibe. Also supported by “The Supermen Lovers”, the infectious record has already passed the 1,000,000 streams mark.

Driven by an urge to break the rules, CHEBO has scooped various awards such as the 2011 Emergenza Prize for Best Bass Player in France. The young artist believes in the power of inspiration and possibilities.

Currently, CHEBO is a common figure in clubs, festivals across Europe and in his hometown of Paris. Besides, his music is widely played on FM radio stations in France, UK, USA, Canada, Argentina, Nigeria and Japan.

Check out CHEBO on Spotify:


Hi there, welcome to Honk Magazine. Can you tell our readers about what really inspired you to write music?

CHEBO –  I’ve always loved playing music. I started with an electric guitar I received for my 13th birthday and that passion never really left me. Afterwards I wanted to learn more about other instruments like the bass, piano and drums, and did some gigs in several bands when I was in high school. Now I mainly produce electronic music, as the possibilities are endless. But I still like to balance it with some organic sounds. I’m a pretty spiritual and emotional guy, so I guess that’s where most of my inspiration comes from. I love to translate my feelings and the way I see this mysterious universe into pieces of music. Sometimes I feel like dancing so I make tracks with great energy, and other times I’m more into meditative deep thinking or chill mode. That’s why you can find the whole spectrum in my discography and that’s how I share my emotions with the world. I think it’s pretty amazing that where words fail, music can be understood by everyone.

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When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

CHEBO – Actually, I realized I was going to make music professionally before it happened. I used to work in private banking, but I didn’t feel fulfilled back then. There was still that voice in my head giving me that burning desire to pursue what I love. It was time for me to take a big risk by leaving this comfort and going all-in into living my dreams. So I kinda manifested it. Even though I am not advocating such a risky move, I firmly believe that we can manifest anything we truly want.


Tell us what is so unique about you and your music?

CHEBO – I guess everyone is very unique, the same way our fingerprints are. It’s all about becoming your true self, your higher self and going back to who you were and what you loved as a child. So it’s an unlearning process. Regarding my music, I basically translate who I am into it. That’s why it is unique. I don’t follow any rule, genre, nor recipe. I only go with my intuition and strive to surprise my audience. My goal is to deliver “outside the box” music never heard before, and that doesn’t sound like anything else. I want the listener to go on a journey with me, so you can find a lot of progression and evolution in the same track which is quite uncommon. It is also important for me that someone can listen to my music at any given time of the day and in any mood or situation. Or even the whole day without getting tired of it. That’s why my discography is pretty eclectic. I’m a defender of diversity and I refuse to be pinned down in any one particular music category. I’ve collaborated with artists from all continents and cultures, and I prize my freedom to do whatever I want with my own style very much. In real life I’m pretty introverted and not used to sharing my feelings, so I put it all into my music. I also enjoy expressing myself in the mixing part of the production and experimenting new approaches. So while it may be appealing to follow trends, I usually move in the opposite direction. I would be like “How can I be even more myself today and what feeling does my soul want to share?”.

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Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

CHEBO – Absolutely! I started doing DJ gigs only a week after buying my first CDJs, which I would definitely not recommend. The first time, I went to a bar with my usual headphones, however I didn’t have the right adapter to plug them into their mixing table. So I had to mix without headphones plus I wasn’t familiar with their equipment so I started sweating a lot haha. I still remember the manager telling me “it’s hot over here huh?”. Back then it was a very stressful moment, and the result wasn’t good at all. The atmosphere was pretty calm while I was playing energetic tracks, some people were looking at me like “dude what are you doing we’re trying to chill”. Obviously that bar didn’t call me back. But I didn’t get discouraged and on my next gig everything went perfectly. So I would say in order to avoid any stress in live situations, take time to practice until you feel ready. That way you can just enjoy the moment and feel that connection with the audience. You need your full attention on reading their minds, feeling the vibe and guessing what they wanna hear next. When you are playing live there should be no stress but only fun.


Can you tell us about your latest releases and what inspired you to create them?

CHEBO – My latest releases are mostly remixes of my own tracks by other producers. While I was releasing them, I was preparing for the next season as I needed some time to raise the bar and lift expectations. “Tonight” is currently my most listened to track with over a million streams on Spotify. I really enjoyed making that one and my inspiration came from the fact that I wanted to create something groovy, punchy and sexy, while blending modern and old school vibes. I am super proud of the two available remixes for ‘Tonight’. The first one was made by Ralf, from California while his friend EMRY played live sax on top, so it gives the track a cheerful and uplifting vibe. And the most recent one, released this year, was produced by Elleyet from Australia, which sounds darker and deeper on the sensual end of the house spectrum. A superstar is currently working on the third one, but for now it’s a secret.


Can you give us a brief insight about your upcoming projects?

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CHEBO – Following up on my previous answer, I’ve raised the bar much higher for my upcoming projects. I wanted my audience to feel that my next productions are from a whole new level. I’ve been working on some of these tracks for over a year, and it’s now time to share this work with the world. My next dance summer tracks are called ‘Can’t Escape’ and ‘Alive’, both set for release this July. Many hard hitters are on the way. I’m super excited!


What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?

CHEBO – Everything is gonna be alright. Building an audience takes time. So don’t get discouraged. I had to release over 20 tracks before it took off. If you maintain a laser focus on what you are doing, it will happen. And try to give 110% in everything you do. Don’t be in a rush, don’t overthink. Just have fun and enjoy the process. Build slowly with happiness. Believe in yourself, keep going, if you like your music other people will like it too. Also and most importantly, think early about your branding as it is essential in this industry. But don’t fall into the trap of perfectionism, I tend to be guilty of that. Just do your best and improve over time.


Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out”?

CHEBO – Go with the flow while having discipline. It can be a long journey so it’s important to take some rest and enjoy other things, but stay in your lane. One step at a time. Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint. Plus, inspiration usually strikes while you are doing something else.


What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?

CHEBO – I like to spend time with my family and friends, travel or go to the gym. Producing music is pretty sedentary, so it’s important to move the body as well.


Any last piece of advice for those artists who just started making music?

CHEBO – Don’t forget to have fun! If you love what you do you will succeed.


How can our readers follow you online?

CHEBO – You can find me on all social and music platforms.

Instagram – @chebomusic

Twitter – @chebomusic 

Facebook – @chebomusic

Don’t hesitate to hit me up and say hi!

Angela is a journalist with a focus on Entertainment and Music who aspires to become a great Content Creator for Honk Magazine. She is a Publisher of a major Publishing House. She loves helping people find their voice and passion for writing and journalism, and she can always be found writing and editing an article.

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Artist Spotlight

Amyr, Setting the Tone and Making Noise from the Midwest to the West Coast & it’s Only The Beginning for this East Side Milwaukee Native

It’s said if you shoot for the moon you’ll land amongst the stars and that’s just what 24-year-old East Milwaukee native Amyr has done. Amyr has taken his destiny into his own hands as he’s begun to make a name for himself within the world of hip hop.
With a new scene and home base in Oakland Ca. Amyr has joined BlackJack Entertainment and proved himself to be a force of his own. Since signing with the rising enterprise Amyr has been beating down the charts from the Midwest to the West Coast with his newly released hit “Seeing Stars” ft. OMB Peezy.

The young artist has his eyes on a much greater prize than what comes with a temporary high. He’s young and ambitious with the hunger of a hustler. It’s not by chance that his audience is growing amongst all major streaming platforms via distribution of Empire.

In both his artistry and personal life Amyr is grounded and puts in the work to reach new levels. He is currently working on the foundation for his upcoming EP and raising the bar in preparation to bring the heat to a city near you.

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For booking and all inquiries contact BlackJack Entertainment. Stay updated on new releases and tour dates below.

Management: [email protected]
IG @Highrolla510

Streaming now on all major platforms:

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Artist Spotlight

Pianist Minna Re Shin presents a new album “Sonate Tableaux”

In collaboration with ombú productions and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, Gallery Gora of Montreal welcomes on June 15th the Canadian pianist Minna Re Shin who will publicly present her most recent multidisciplinary project based on the four-movement work for piano solo by Canadian composer Alain Payette, Sonate Tableaux, which serves as the inspiration for the recording of a digital album and video.

Indulge in the live performance of this dynamic pianist and feel the intense passion and musical poetry that will come to life under her deft fingers. Enjoy the public presentation of the music video which has recently garnered recognition, honours, and distinctions on the international scene, including the Best Classical Music Video Award at the 5th Music Film Festival (Buenos Aires), the Jury Diamond Award for Best Short Music Video at the March 2022 edition of the Europe Film Festival U.K., and the Judge’s Choice Award for Music Video at the 2022 Winter session of the World Premiere Film Awards (Los Angeles). Marvel at the multidisciplinary collaboration among the Canadian female artists who have join forces for the first time in this creative interpretation coloured by the interplay of different art forms (music, painting, dance, and theatre).

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With your presence, you will support the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation in its continuous role in raising awareness and funding for cutting-edge research, groundbreaking innovation, and patient-support programs, and offering hope to breast cancer fighters, survivors, caregivers, and communities.

To purchase tickets for the benefit launch concert event on June 15th, please visit

The digital album will be available online via CD Baby; please visit for updates and direct links to CD Baby for purchase.

Women: Source of Inspiration for the Project

Sonate Tableaux, featuring the musical performance by Minna Re Shin, embraces the theme of beauty, the dynamics of the female body and its movement quality, the empowerment of women, and their role in the art world. Through the prism of her solo piano performance, painter Natalija Jeremic, ballet dancer Catherine Toupin, and mime artist Laurence Castonguay Emery present their interpretations of the Canadian pianist’s rendition of the composer’s work, permitting other women’s voices to be heard through the different art forms featured in the original and multifaceted presentation. The visual musical rendition of the neo-romantic composition interweaves with the imaginative interplay of cinematic applications inspired by the music and the artwork associated with the four movements or “tableaux” of Payette’s piano œuvre.

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Minna Re Shin: Pianist and Performing Artist

Winner of numerous prizes in national and international competitions, the Montreal-born pianist of Asian heritage Minna Re Shin has graced the classical music stage with her virtuoso technique, mature artistry, stage personality, and rare sensitivity. This versatile artist has won enthusiasm for her performances of diverse repertoire, including new, lesser familiar works by lesser-known composers who are under-represented on the Canadian and world stage. Here at home and overseas, critics and audiences alike have raved about her performances as “intense,” “inspiring,” and “powerful.” In the words of the legendary Russian pianist Lazar Berman, “Minna Re Shin and her great talent.”

Since her solo début at the age of ten with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, this dynamic artist has performed in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia and has received high praise as recitalist, as chamber pianist, and as soloist in concerts with major orchestras, such as the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, the Montreal Chamber Orchestra, and the chamber orchestra I Musici de Montréal, and with distinguished conductors like Charles Dutoit, Marc David, and Jacques Lacombe. She has played in many concert series and festivals, including the prestigious International Haydn Festival in Eisenstadt where she made her Austrian début.

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Minna Re Shin has also been lauded as a recording artist. Her début CD devoted to Haydn piano sonatas on the ombú productions label has been released to great critical acclaim. Le Journal de Montréal hailed her as a “great performer with great sensitivity and intelligence.” Following the success of this recording, Shin has embarked on a multi-recording project with ombú. Her second solo album, Images & Ballades, which features works by the Canadian composers Alain Payette and Jean Coulthard, was applauded by Paroles et Musique: “the pianist’s interpretation is impeccable; it was as if these two composers had lent her their pen.” Her most recent music album Sonate Tableaux celebrates the world premiere performance of this unknown work, and the complementary performance video marks her début as producer.

For a preview of the video Sonate Tableaux, please visit

To listen to the album Sonate Tableaux, please visit

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