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Meet Rae Castagno, Founder and Designer of Raerae Swimwear Empowering Young Women

Rae Castagno is a young entrepreneur who is building a swimwear brand centering on self-empowerment. As the founder and CEO of Raerae Swimwear, a swimwear brand both for men and women, Rae is using the lessons he learned on his own personal self-empowerment journey in order to help other women with their confidence. As a young 26-year-old entrepreneur, Rae is not only able to directly relate to his target audience on a design level, but he is also keenly aware of the beauty standards immortalized by the fashion industry. Pruitt believes that, more often than not, the swimwear industry, unfortunately, leaves women feeling vulnerable. Rae Castagno is flipping the script; by launching Raerae Swimwear in May of 2018, Rae is using swimwear to empower females to feel confident in their own skin.

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Rae is the perfect person to run a swimwear brand focused on female self-empowerment because of her keen design eye, her deep emotional intelligence, and her understanding of unfair beauty standards. Due to lesson learned from women struggling with self-confidence and body insecurity, Rae began designing pieces that made women feel confident and empowered.

Rae realized that this was the calling and settled on swimwear precisely because it typically has the ability to either make women feel very insecure or supremely empowered. Rae astutely points out that with the increasing popularity of social media, unfair beauty standards get perpetuated at an extremely fast rate and it is very easy to find oneself unfairly judging and comparing oneself to others.

This is personal for Rae. Of course, she is concerned with the success of the company, but he is more concerned with the purpose behind the business. Before Rae embarked on this new entrepreneurial endeavor, He worked as a model. Further, Rae is not only focused on how the brand presents body image to potential customers, but he is also extremely cautious and thoughtful with how his models are treated.

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As a young entrepreneur, Rae feels an extreme sense of connection to the other members of his generation; he also understands exactly what young females who are over-saturated with unfair beauty standards on social media are going through. This is precisely why he wants to take the generation’s more inclusive understanding of self-love and body positivity and flip the swimwear and fashion industries on their heads.

The success of Raerae Swimwear is a testament to the strength of Rae’s operating thesis. By actively fighting against old industry habits and unfair beauty standards Rae is not only growing a successful brand, but he is also empowering young females and moving the social discourse towards a better understanding of self-love.

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