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Shalev Alon is a Mixing/Recording Engineer To Keep Yours Eyes and Ears On

Shalev Alon is an Israeli Award Winning mixing engineer based in Hollywood. He started his career as a guitarist, producing music for artists in various genres. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Shalev gained experience working at numerous world class studios such as Remote Control Productions, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Netflix and more.

He has born and raised in a small town to farmers parents in Israel and moved to Los Angeles to pursue the passion for music to make it full time career.  Shalev studied production in Israel mixing music for live shows, when he decided to further his study at Musician Institute College Of Music, there he took the audio engineer program with emphasis on post-production. A year, Shalev’s professor heard some of my mixes and recommended him to go for an interview at Remote Control Production (Hans Zimmer Studios). 

After long trials, Shalev was accepted and had the chance to gain a lot of great experience from amazing composers and engineers such as Hans Zimmer, Henry Jackman, Allan Meyerson, Heitor Pereira and more. His time at RCP, connected him with the scoring engineer like Brad Haehnel and became his assistant, with him he have worked on amazing projects such as The Lego Ninjago Movie, A Minion Short, A Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Amateur, Forever My Girl and more. He
had the great experience to record in some of the biggest recording studios in LA like Fox, Warner Bros, Sony.
Gaining all this experience gave another great opportunity, working for Walt Disney Imagineering, one job led to another. 

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He was hired as the mixing engineer for the new Marvel Avengers Infinity War Live show that was showcased in Disneyland around the world and the new Star Wars Land, Galaxy Edge project that features amazing new songs that play in the famous Cantina from the Star Wars Series. He had the opportunity to work with amazing music producers and composers from Marvel and Disney companies like John Debney, Matt Walker, Mark Mothersbough. These days, shalev is working as a mixing engineer for some of the big trailers that are coming out from Universal Music Group, some of the most famous films are featured in the work that has been done throughout the albums that he is Mixing.

Along with all these great titles his biggest accomplishment is his Award from the Intercontinental Music Award where he and Co. Producers Nate Sahvin won the Best Pop Song for 2020 in all of Europe, their Award was featured in Fox, NBC and we are very excited to have this song out in the world for the public.