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PREMIERE: Texas Artist Sage Suede Releases Highly Anticipated Debut Album Titled THICC JUICY BASS And Visuals For Featured Single ‘Slappin Bass Harder’

Today, Austin TX representative, Sage Suede, released a highly anticipated debut album titled THICC JUICY BASS. The big release is accompanied by his brand new visuals for a single featured on the album named “Slappin Bass Harder.”

THICC JUICY BASS is a proof of how talented and skilled multidisciplinary artists Sage Suede is. Each of the 11 songs included channel their own style, and story. Sage Suede experiments with sounds mixing electro with hip-hop and adds some mainstream pop here and there. 

Songs like “Pucker Up For More” and “Sizzle Dee Sipper” have slower, and more intimate upbeat pace, pounding bass and catchy lyrics. On the tracks like “Love My Baezy” and “Go Down So Smooth,” Sage Suede goes even deeper into his experiences and shares his feelings for an ultra-lady love with mystical and shiny tones. 

Sage Suede delivered a truly diverse album, as THICC JUICY BASS incorporates so many different vibes, and song-writing approaches. He’s overall performance on the LP sets bars very high for his upcoming releases. Sage Suede has polished his artistry and developed his passionate and skillful tunes. 


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Following on his major successes with animations for his previous singles ‘Masterpiece,’ ‘Sizzle Dee Sipper,’ and ‘Go Down So Smooth,’ Sage Suede as an addition to the release of his debut LP, dropped a brand new music video for a track titled ‘Slappin Bass Harder.’ The song, same as previously mentioned singles, is featured THICC JUICY BASS, and it represents the trendiest slappin bass, catchy lyrical overlays, and futuristic visuals.

The futuristic visuals with an unique aesthetics are emphasized by Sage Suede’s creativity and original flow. ‘Slappin Bass Harder’ stands out among other equally polished tracks with its themed heavy bass, and diversified beat line. 


Today’s a big day for Sage Suede with two big drops that are going to blow up and skyrock his picture on the music scene. For more information on Sage Suede, see below: 

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