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Single Review: Larry Jay – What Do I Have

A fantastic slice of country rock from the heartland, Larry Jay sings with soul on “What Do I Have”. Guitar playing is of the essence for he makes sure that the song unfurls along at its own pace. His voice remains steady throughout the duration. By far though the true highlight comes from the way he manages to bring all these many elements together, building them up until they become cinematic in scope. Everything about it displays an uncanny sense of timing, patience and atmosphere. Upon the song coming into bloom the amount of color that bursts forth in particular has a fantastic stately grace behind it. Volume is not a must it is a given for the way that the song increases in intensity gives it a whirlwind aspect to it one that feels undoubtedly lovely.

Things start off quiet, a hushed awe running though. Not much time is wasted before those sweet, reassuring elements are brought into the fray. Layer upon layer gets added with such serenity. Balance matters for there is a playfulness to the way he lets the song grow. Akin to a sheer force of nature, a gentle breeze becoming a great gust, there is something captivating about it. Lyrics feature a true understanding of the world. Sung with his personal experience there is a real, earnestness to all of it.

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“What Do I Have” shows off the splendid storytelling of Larry Jay in speaking from an entire life lived to the absolute fullest.


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