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Once Great Estate Are Masters Of Their Craft On Delightful “Shelbyville Inn”

Once Great Estate features a delightful western country rock meets traditional folk on the genteel “Shelbyville Inn”. Slide guitar work has an expressive tenor to it. The fiddles are pure fire never stopping allowing the rest of the sound to build itself out. Drums are mixed in the back helping to propel the entirety of the piece forward in a way that feels truly bursting with energy. By far though the true soul of the song rests with her powerful, charming vocals. Lyrics reveal a flair for storytelling for these words come out of a life lived to the fullest. Notes of some of Lambchop’s distinct country chops emerge over the course of the track for there is that same level of big band that defines it.

The song starts up swinging. Immediately a sense of a good time starts to tie the whole of the journey together. By ensuring that not a single element is out of place there is a rustic charm about it, one that celebrates the small contemplative moments that make up a life. Her voice rises above the rest of the arrangement. Never overpowering she proves to be right at home in the midst of all the activity. Growing ever more powerful the song still maintains that raw grit that defined it right from the beginning making the track go full circle.

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“Shelbyville Inn” has a nostalgic beauty to it, a pining for days long past, proving Once Great Estate to be true masters of their craft.

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