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The Upcoming Rapper Taking on South Florida: Cash Motivated

Born in Gifford, Florida, Cash Motivated started rapping at a young age. Whether he was spitting his own verse and freestyle or rapping along to his favorite artists, it was clear that the talent was fresh and unmatched. Cash Motivated started releasing singles all over Spotify in 2018 and is continuing to drop fresh mixes in 2020. He can be found featuring on other artists’ albums and singles as well. It is clear his music is one of a kind with unique beats and catchy rhymes that pull in his listeners instantly.

With nearly thirty-two thousand followers on Instagram, Cash Motivated has created a strong base of listeners. In 2020 alone, his music was streamed 285 thousand times by 228 thousand people in 89 countries–that’s on Spotify alone. Not only do his listeners support him on the streaming platform, but they also show love all over his social media. His strong base of listeners can be found in his Instagram comment section singing praises of the South Florida legend.

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Cash Motivated has the lyrics and the beat, but he also has the visuals. His official music video for his single “Rushin” is filled with money, luxury, and some iconic Burberry clothing. It racked up 100 thousand views in its first week after the drop. It’s no wonder his fans love him and his music. His style and flow are smooth and infectious creating the next level of exceptional atmosphere and unique composition. To get a real sense of his talent listen to “One Stop Shop” and “Pay Off” for raw lyrics and unmatched energy.

It is evident from his music videos and Instagram, that his style and drip are unparalleled. Cash Motivated’s Instagram is his personal branding site where he shows off his drip and lifestyle. You can find out more about Cash Motivated and his clothing brand Bag Gang at his website and his Instagram @cashmotivated29.