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Everything You Need To Know About YAHZEE.

YAHZEE. , is an American hip hop recording artist. Born and raised in the Bedford Stuyvesant region of Brooklyn , New York with parents from the ways of the small hot spot of the Caribbean, Saint Lucia. Being a first generation American in his family allowed him to learn the ways of a classic west Indian child in the city.

YAHZEE. Has been making music since the age of an impressing thirteen years. He has taught himself how to engineer tracks using DAW Ableton Live. Whilst teaching himself such he learns how to release music through distributors like United Masters, Stem, Amuse, etc. Winnifred Actie (YAHZEE.’s father) untimely death in 2019 put a hold in music for that summer. The summer was utilized to grieve and deal with family affairs. He returned in the fall with a fiery that no other can argue with. He released the single “Hurt You”. Followed by two singles called “Can’t Feel My Lungs” and “Lost” in early 2020.

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He has released a mixtape called “16.” In March of that year which features rising Hip Hop
producer Zeggy and rap artist Nay R Finesse. The trio has worked together on many occasions
on many different tracks. The trio are frequent collaborators. The first music video from the
emerging star was released with Nay R Finesse, it was called Slatt. The video takes place in the
heart of the city that never sleeps, New York City. There were also scenes from the recording
studio Fast Life Beats, which is a Gold plaque holding studio. The studio are associated with
artists such as YBN, LouGotCash, KJ Balla, Jay Gwuapo, and more.

Following his release of the Slatt music video he debuted his solo music video for “Can’t Feel
My Lungs” which is shot by Collective Films. The music video features Nay R Finesse, Zeggy,
and the rapper’s crew. The music video is being well received by the supporters of the artist and
is putting a new target on the map for Brooklyn rappers.

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YAHZEE. Has recently dropped a single called Toxic Toxic which is produced by music
producer Berki. Berki has been known to work with acts such as Toosii,Teejay3k and XanMan.
The song speaks about the complications of a relationship in a manner which is uncut and one to
look out for.

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