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Top 10 Most Exciting Artists Of 2020

10.Tate McRae

At only 16 Tate McRae is already being touted as pop’s next prodigy, and rightfully so.


9.Jean Dawson

This artist proved he manifested diversity and change. It is impossible to find two tracks of Jean Dawson, which sound the same. Self-describing himself as a Los Angeles-based project of a boy exploring identity, intimacy, and escapism, the artist brings new sound and experiences to the music scene, and we are more than happy to have him on our list. 


8.Baby Keem

The breakthrough star of 2020 hip-hop, Hykeem “Baby Keem” Carter makes every release sound fresh and exciting by blending trap and melodic rap in his gorgeous mixes. 


7.Peach Tree Rascals

Alt-jazz, funk, pop, hip-hop, and R&B are in a joyous fusion in DIY Bay Area collective Peach Tree Rascals. The band represents the generation not accepting labels and genres. They go beyond the norm, beyond borders, and explore new sounds. Give them a chance if you want to discover something truly unique and exciting. 


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6.Alaina Castillo

Welcome the next Ariana Grande as his new exciting artist has it all to be as sensational as Ari. Alaina Castillo has grown from a YouTube famous face to an artist with a cult-like following. Just check her debut EP, antisocial butterfly, to sense her potential.


5.Channel Tres

The Los Angeles-based producer, singer, and artist Channel Tres creates music filled with groove and swag. Through mixing Detroit house with West Coast rap, the artist gets quality sounds ready to keep you partying for hours.


4.Gracie Abrams

The fact that this artist has only two singles does not hold us back from including her in our list of exciting artists as not to see her talent and potential is a crime we refuse to commit. Abrams considers herself a songwriter first. It is vibrantly expressed in her detailed, delicate, simple yet striking lyricism and melodies. She creates an irresistible mood with her appearance and voice. 


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3.Priceless Scott

With straight-forward, intense lyricism, this exciting female rapper brings an unexpected twist to hip-hop. Even though Priceless Scott has a long way to go to prove she deserves the hype, her recent work ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’ comes to prove the artist has it all to succeed globally. Her natural-born talent, bold, attention-grabbing appearance, devotion to hip-hop, and dedicated hard work will soon enough pay off with new releases. Considering the artists who inspired her, Biggie, Tupac, Mary J Blige, and other 90s hip-hop legends, her music has the right influences to make hip-hop great again. 

2. Icebeatchillz

Nigerian producer and artist Icebeatchillz, formerly known as Ice Beat, became a true sensation of 2020 for his collaboration with legendary Dancehall veteran Beenie Man. The duo released a playful and feel-good musical masterpiece, “Area.” The exotic vibes of the song and the music video instantly grab attention and excite with their uniqueness. Icebeatchillz now enters the most defining stage in his career, and we can’t wait to get more Afro-beat and Dancehall explosions from the gifted artist. 


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1.Winona Oak

Hailing from Swedish Nordic forests, Winona Oak brings enchanting sounds to the music world. With ethereal soundscapes, the artist fills your soul with her heavenly voice and haunting melodies. The melancholy in her voice and music is captivating to the core. The artist paints a canvas with her lyrics, making you visualize the feeling she spreads. Winona Oak is probably one of the most atmospheric discoveries of 2020 and undoubtedly will continue to impress us and fulfill our souls further.