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Exclusive Interview: David Olivo

How did it feel to release your new track “Bricks” during the pandemic? Did you encounter difficulties while recording it?

Man… it was an easy experience in the fact that I wasn’t working and I had time to go randomly one day but it was a while since I had made any new music. So, the first couple takes were rough.

How is this song different from your previous ones included in your LP The Album?

I used someone else’s beats for this. I had gained traction on my first LP using stolen beats that at the time I didn’t know were stolen until recently.

In “Bricks” you talk about street life, selling drugs and everything that goes with it, did you experience that yourself? Tell us more about your choice of topic.

I have but I wasn’t a big time kingpin to be honest. I have seen a lot in the streets just trying to get by in a very nice neighborhood with little money. Imagine comparing it to the friends I had living in TriBeCa for all of my childhood. Every artist has their song where they talk about where they came from. I’m just trying to be like one of the greats!

When did you start making music and why?

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I started making music right out of high school as it was really the only sales job I could think of that I would like until I found out how much they paid and once I was able to go out of my comfort zone. I’ve also been playing instruments since elementary school.

How do you enjoy spending your free time when you’re not making music? 

Believe it or not, listening to music. I know right hard to believe but it inspires me to see so many artists making such remarkable sounds.

Is there an event or experience in your life that radically changed you in some ways?

Yeah, probably just my upbringing and how I had to swim or drown in a money world as a child.

Any upcoming plans you would like to share with our readers?

I got new music already made and I’m looking to collaborate with new artists on some new music as well. Hopefully, we can help each other out and bring some new breath to each other’s sound. If you aren’t an artist then I hope you can relate to what I put out and if not just enjoy the hard work I put into it to make it sound that good.

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