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Honk Magazine’s Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities on Instagram Right NOW

Honk Magazine’s Top 10 Most Popular Celebrities on Instagram Right NOW

The most popular celebrities at the moment are numerous, but 10 of them are as follows:


  1. Trve


Atlanta superstar, TREVOR NELSON popularly known as TRVE is one artist that hail from Atlanta, GA. He has a variety of different styles and vibes and is constantly creating new musical master pieces.

More about Trve: Trevor Patrick Nelson, Jr. (born July 20, 1999), better known by his stage name Trve (Trev), is an Atlanta rapper, songwriter, singer and model. He graduated from Johns Creek High School and currently attends Georgia State University where he is majoring in Business. Trve showed an interest in music at an early age. He started piano lessons at the age 5 but gave up the lessons after only a few years because he struggled to read music. He currently plays the piano and guitar but plays mostly by ear. He started to DJ at the age of 12 and worked mostly neighborhood parties and church functions.

TRVE began his early career In March of 2019, and began his artist development with UED studios in Norcross, Georgia. The program started with weekly vocal lessons, choreography, and studio recording time. He completed his yet to be released EP “Doppelganger” which includes 6 songs, each with a different style.

His first song was released from the EP called “Can’t Go A Day”. The record was released through Sony/Orchard Distribution. The following is a list of his music albums, EPs, and mixtapes released in 2020. These are notable albums, defined as having received significant coverage from reliable sources independent of the subject. For additional information about bands formed, reformed, disbanded, or on … “Moor Mother and Mental Jewelry Release New Album True Opera”.

It is also confirmed Trevor is working on an album as well!


Instagram: TRVE


  1. FTF Double A.


FTF Double A, better known by his stage name, (Alex Anderson – born November 27, 1993 in Memphis, Tn), is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He is lyrical and has a unique melodic style/flow. He is quickly generating a buzz around his brand/music, especially in the Southern states.

He started his music career back then in 2016 after he finished his collegiate basketball career at the University of Tennessee at Martin; where he led the NCAA in 3 point shooting. When he started his music career, he has been consistently releasing high quality solo projects and singles and has been elevating very quickly. His most recent single titled “Brand New” was just released in 2020 on all streaming platforms.

He has been doing his thing for a while and is finally getting the recognition that he deserves. Being 100% independent with no label or backing could get kinda tough for most artists. But, FTF Double A uses it as a motivation and has been killing the underground music scene since 2016. He is steadily evolving as an artist and it looks as if he has a great future ahead of him.

He recently, release new single called “Right Now” on all stream platform with numerous of streams.

Instagram: @ftfdoublea


  1. Money Im Countin


Mikál Smith, famously known as Money Im Countin (M.I.C), is a music artist hailing straight out of the Bronx, New York.

Thanks to his family upbringing, M.I.C. was naturally drawn to music. Money Im Countin recently released a single titled “Oh So Clean” which has gain a lot of attention worldwide and played on Hot97 but he is also featured in the New Artist Spotlight on Sirius XM with Lord Sear and as Breakthrough Artist of the Year on DARK Magazine.

His influences include 50 Cent, Jay- Z, Nipsey Hussle and A Boogie wit da Hoodie. Among other established artists, he has opened up for A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie at the Electric Brixton in London with 6ix9ine. Super Producer Amadeus was blown away by his catalog and says he is ahead of the game.

As the C.E.O of Fortune 5hunnid Records, M.I.C plans to not only be a successful artist, but to develop current upcoming artist as well.

Today, M.I.C’s latest single “Down on My Knees” has received widespread coverage all over the internet when one of his posts only sharing 7 seconds of his new song went viral.


Instagram: @MoneyInCountin

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  1. Dope Truth


The Florida Rapper, Dope Truth is hustling to take over the music scene.

He was Born Stanley Louis (April 30, 1994) in Palm Beach, Fl. The Haitian American Rapper, currently based in Orlando, Fl has a melodic trap sound that motivates us to get in our bag. Dope Truth is a humble paper chaser as he is not only a rapper but a businessman. The artist is also a songwriter, receiving credits from Empire Records, and founder of the dope clothing brand, No Investor, worn by influential hip-hop artists.

Dope Truth is no amateur in the music world as he comes from a musical family. The artist started his journey as a former DJ in high school for a couple of years; graduated from Royal Palm Beach High school. Truth began sharing his personal music with us in 2016 with his debut project No Investor featuring his hit track ‘Bag’.

He uses music as a way to express himself, as it is hard to speak on his life on a personal level he prefers you get to know him through his lyrics. The artist is unapologetic-ally his own person but finds inspiration from influential rap artists like, 50cent, Lil Wayne, and Fabulous.

Truth’s sound is Trap inspired, with a gritty flow, and paper chasing lyricism. The rapper believes in not waiting for anyone to do something for you but to make it happen on your own.




  1. Quadd21


A new Fast Growing artist out of Florida known as Quadd21 is 23-year-old raised from Pahokee, FL. Quadd21 is an R&B Singer. He’s musical journey started at the age of nine, in a small town called Pahokee, FL known as Muck CITY, although music has always been a part of his life, he used to sing in the choir, and his grandmother “Viola Davis” sang with B.B.KING back in the old days.

But, he never realized his true talent until when he and his triplet brothers Raheem and two other friends sang at their 5th-grade graduation. That was the first time he showcased his talent.  At that point, after seeing the reaction of the crowd. He fell in love with music and a seed was planted forever.

Quadd21 is the new voice of not only Florida but the R&B period. Recently, the Florida singer and songwriter released his new EP called “Leo Talk” 2020.

He has released it on a streaming platform and the majority of his fans can get the music track very easily on Soundcloud. The rapper didn’t stop there he has been consistent in his music career.

Early 2021,  Quadd21 took to his social media handle to announce the release of his new single titled “Moderator” Production.



  1. Loudmouf


Loudmouf is an artist born and raised in Chicago, IL. His upbringing and surroundings were filled with struggle, drugs, gangs, daily shootings etc… Which is why music was his vehicle of choice to getting out of that environment.

He is the child of the foster system since his biological parents had their own demons to fight and couldn’t provide the life a newborn deserved. Loudmouf didn’t get to meet his biological sisters until the age of 7 years old.

He bounced from home to home by himself for quite some time. He then landed in the house that he would soon leave, being 1 of 12 crazy children that lived under the same roof not even including his foster parents.

They were all significantly different and had their own separate demons to battle, their own fights, their own dreams. Which wasn’t the best environment to prosper in this world. He doesn’t remember ever having his own bed for the majority of his upbringing. There were so many people coming and going from his home of 14 that it was difficult to even get a minute of alone time.

At times, Loudmouf felt like his older brother Big Ro, was the only person to raise and care for him up until he left for college. One by one Loudmouf’s siblings left him alone in that house to fend for himself against a foster father who battled substance abuse.

Music took him away from the daily trials and tribulation with taking multiple buses just to get to school and from school just to get a proper education. Once he turned 16, he made the brave decision to leave the terrible place he called home, behind for good.

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Loudmouf decided to join the Marine Corps, it was his way of leaving with a guarantee of belonging to something bigger than himself, a true brotherhood. There was nothing left for him in the city of Chicago and he knew that for a long time before acting on his instincts. The military took him around the world to places such as California, Florida, North Carolina and then overseas to Japan.

While in Japan, he created “Freestyle Fridays” as an outlet for all upcoming artists to collaborate and get their music heard. DJing stateside and overseas definitely shot him further into music, from spinning old school hits inside of the nightclubs to new upcoming artists that no one had ever heard about.

Music always tells a story and Loudmouf has always had the gift of listening to what the artist has to say and what they are trying to get the listener to envision. Once he returned stateside to California, he began to work with “Unkle Bump” for a short period of time, but that opened his eyes to what he was truly meant to do his whole life.

He’s not just a rapper, He’s a prolific storyteller artistically and everything he makes has a story and an even deeper meaning behind it.

Loudmouf’s entire life was filled with people who wanted to be inside of the music industry. He remembers listening to Mano and Rosco Dash every morning. Music has always been an outlet for him because his childhood reality was hard and consisted of an environment filled with drugs, and crime, all around the city of Chicago. Once he wrote his first song, it all began to make sense, everything had finally come full circle for Loudmouf.



  1. YoungTapz


Young tapz is a singer and song-writer raising from wilmington DE a small city with a lot of music influence while coming from philly, LA and Texas. Currently, Young tapz have his own record Label “MTB Records” which is managed by Tapz Money @tapz_money on Instagram and They’re artist who started this movement about 2 years ago.

Young tapz and Tapz money toured around the USA Going to cities like Atlanta, Miami, Houston, and also LA. Young tapz collaborated with artist Lucky3rd who comes from texas. They have a song called “Hellcat” and music video on youtube surpassing 700,000 view in just a few months. And Also with Lucky3rd we have a song and Music video on a big platform “Worldstar” called “Heartbreaker”.

Kiwi rapper Young Tapz is only 20 but he already has that fire. In person he looks cool, calm and collected but he speaks like he wants to be the best and knows he can be the best. As we meet over a bowl of chips he tells me straight up that his phone his “full of hits” ready to drop.

He’s come a long way in just a few short months but things only seem to be heating up for Tapz. He’s got an EP ready to offload sometime very soon and next year he’s heading over to the US to work with a bunch of producers whose names he can’t disclose but he tells me that it’s going to be big.

Tapz is an unlikely rap hero though. He grew up most in New Zealand at a predominantly white school with friends who weren’t really into rap that much.

He originally sunk his teeth into Michael Jackson records before expanding on to contemporary hip-hop legends like Kanye West and Kid Cudi. With Cudi off making alternative, hip-hop bereft music, Tapz may be the savior Cudi fans desperately need right now.

Instagram: @youngtapz1


  1. Paul Prince


Paul Edward Huston (born April 2, 1967[1]), better known by his stage name Prince Paul, is an American disc jockey, record producer and recording artist from Amityville, New York.

Paul began his career as a DJ for Stetsasonic. Since then he has worked on albums by Boogie Down Productions, MC Lyte, Big Daddy Kane and 3rd Bass, among others. Major recognition for Prince Paul came when he produced De La Soul’s debut album 3 Feet High and Rising (1989), in which he pioneered new approaches to hip hop production, mixing and sampling, as well as by adding comedy sketches.

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His first solo album, Psychoanalysis: What Is It?, came out in 1997, followed by a second album, A Prince Among Thieves, in 1999.

Paul Prince is a man of several arts. He is everything that you could think of as an artist; he is a musician, filmmaker, director, actor, writer, MC, and entrepreneur. He is a sensitive person with a soft-heart to his tough appearance.

Paul believes that life is a one-time opportunity so you should not focus on one profession, art or goal. His versatility makes him stand out the crowd. He listens to his inner voice and believes in himself. He loved singing and movies at a young age and thus made his passion his profession. He is a fearless person and a risk-taker and knows how to deal with the resistance that comes in his way to success.

A Writer Writing is his passion. His book “Lost in Europe” was expected to be released on all e-book platforms on July 24, 2020 but due to the pandemic situation the release is delayed; new release date will be available soon. This book is about his love for travelling and is based on his time spent in Europe.

This book will make you fall in love with Europe all over again. He is also screenwriter of his movies “MBM” (2016), “Wrong Decisions” (2020) and “Run” (2021).

An Entrepreneur Paul Prince is an event planner and entrepreneur. He is a co-founder and administrator of Canadian Film Company Jebomedia which is a parent company to The Plug Show, Plug Magazine, Plug events and promotions, and Jebomedia Music Label. A Film Maker and Actor Paul Prince debuted as a producer, writer and actor in his movie “MBM” (2016), a thriller drama compassing story of James Cell a mob boss whose wife gets murdered and he seeks revenge in dangerous circumstances. His movie “Wrong Decisions” is expected to release in 2020.


Instagram: @paulprinc3


  1. Money Meach


Demetrius Toliver professionally known as Money Meach A Take Money Entertainment Recording Artist Born January 15 In Buffalo, New York is An American Rapper. Who hit the rap scene After his release from Prison in 2008 with his child hood friend KPJ better known as his stage name J-Batters.

Money Meach started putting his thoughts on paper during his incarceration period taking after the legendary Queens Bridge lyricist Nas. Later After completing 36 months in NYS department of correction he return to the streets on 5 years post supervision (parole) he then linked back up with J-Batters who owned a recording studio and also owned a independent label called Take Money Entertainment.

Money Meach was release from Incarceration and ready to put these thoughts he spent years Writing on Demetrius Toliver professionally known as Money Meach, A Take Money Entertainment Recording Artist Born January 15 In Buffalo, New York is An American Rapper.

Who hit the rap scene After his release from Prison in 2008 with his child hood friend KPJ better known as his stage name J-Batters. Mixtape so thats just what he did right inside J-Batters recording studio.

Meach is a believer of God (ALI) he has been music driven for years after teaming up with J-Batters And Take Money Entertainment. Meach has served a total of 53 months in NYSDOC and complete 5 years parole. This lasted from 2004 till 2014 during his release he created a lot of music with his child hood friend J-Batters Who is Now incarcerated on Federal Charges. Meach who is very family oriented moved from Buffalo, NY early 2014 to Atlanta, GA where he spends a lot of time with his daughters when he is not working on his Music or other business ventures.

Instagram: @money_meach_


  1. Th3Rea$on


Th3Rea$on is an American Singer and Songwriter from Houston Texas. Who has done shows along side artist like, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, August Alsina, Riff Raff, Ca$h Out, Dom Kennedy, Dice Soho, WhyJae, Maxo Kream, Waka Flocka Flame, DjWhooKid, Chamillionaire, Trill Sammy, Yesjulz & 070 Shake and many more. After, releasing first album called “Too Many Reasons” which was released 4 years ago and had over 100k streams on spotify & 400k streams on soundcloud.

The america singer Th3Rea$on, released his latest album called “Rznszn (Deluxe)” on Jan, 2021. The album contain 15 songs. Leading by “Stand Down” are available on all digital streaming platform.


Instagram: @th3reason

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