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Premiere: Seekay Unveils Poetic Electronica-Pop Track ”Hold” Featuring Chloe

Electronic music artist and producer Seekay returns with a deeply poetic electronica/pop track titled “Hold,” featuring Chloe’s ethereal vocal performance. Seekay has combined the power of music and lyrics to move the listener, make him or her feel, and ultimately provoke and expose humanity to be more humane. After the vividly creative “Hurts,” “Wonderful,” and “Candlelight” “Hold” is a track home to a guaranteed out-of-this-world feel that will make you want to get close to the person you love, if two souls are apart and regret taking the decision to take a break from each other, especially when the song goes:

“it’s the end of the day
bottom billed in LA
where are you when I needed you so
we thought it better if you go
but I was far too green to know
we all make mistakes and so
I need you so (and I need you so)
and I miss you, you know”

There is a burning emotionality in Seekay’s music that is magically interpreted by Chloe when she sings. He has such a subtle way to passionately approach his creative process that it becomes inspiring for the listener to simply let go of all daily problems, and trust the artist in the transportative and atmospheric world he accompanies us to. 

The kind of artist who respects authenticity more than anything, Seekay finds inspiration in artists like Billie Eilish, Lorde, Tash Sultana, Galimatias/Alina Baraz, The Weeknd, Imogen Heap, and Tame Impala. The pure energy he was able to channel from start to finish on “Hold” is breathtaking, healing our souls through art, music, and poetry, and hypnotizing us for a couple of minutes of pure bliss. 

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