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Lomijoh Sets New Standards In Urban Music With Soulful Rap Track “Lil Bossy”

Based in New York City, Lomijoh is a French-Cameroonian singer-songwriter who has been, artistically speaking, extremely prolific in 2020, as she dropped her debut single earlier this year, “Don’t let It Go,” and continued her winning streak with yet another top notch release titled ”Lil Bossy”. The incredibly original singer, rapper, and songwriter creates universally relatable tracks, whether talking about making efforts in relationships on her first track “Don’t let It Go,” or about the positive aspects of being a “Lil Bossy” on her follow-up drop. 

She has been getting massive traction on most major music platforms thanks to her debut singles, no extraordinary fact knowing that nobody blends soul, rap, and a sure sense of purpose in the music she makes like Lomijoh. On a side note, she is also modelling for the biggest brands out there, and is a former tennis player who had the potential to turn pro. 

She is confidently defining her sound in “Lil Bossy,” and yet refuses to give up her freedom and creativity by testing her ethereal and deeply impactful vocals either on the more soulful “Don’t Let It Go,” or on the rap track “Lil Bossy.”