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Jordan D. Mitchell Releases Album “I’ll Apologize Later”

Upon the success of his first official album, Jordan D. Mitchell’s forceful and compelling nature led him to release the deluxe version titled I’ll Apologize Later: Director’s Cut. Written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Jordan himself, the artist released 7 more tracks in addition to the original album that take on more introspective, political, visual, and thought provoking subjects that will deeply resonate with listeners through its entirety.  Jordan discusses his own life experiences of gang violence, prostitiution, and mental health while also opening an avenue for hope and the importance of pushing forward.

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Steering away from a comical persona of music that the artist has familiarized his audience with, Jordan expresses a self-reflective character and holds others accountable for the misfortunes that have occurred in his life. In addition, Jordan utilizes a continuous narrative through his music videos and introduces the filmography of his album through the visual “Happy Pills.”

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Here’s a little bit of info on the artist:

A Stockton, CA native and musical mastermind of his generation, Jordan D. Mitchell is setting the bar high for independent rappers in the industry. Writing, playing, producing, mastering, mixing, distributing, and performing are of the many hats JDM wears as an artist as he continues to prove himself as a compelling force in the musical world. Drawing inspiration from his own musical experiences, he uses his various cultural influences, symphonic soundtracks, and reliefs of escapism therefore not bounding him to any particular genre and establishing himself as a man of many sounds.


Prior to the release of his latest official album I’ll Apologize Later, JDM has three astounding projects in his library. Although JDM uses music to express his thoughts while entertaining others, he hopes to create music for black and brown folks in particular. “My music is for the hood kids struggling in college, for the people locked up, my music is transcultural and changes along with the climate I am living, it’s extremely self-reflective and progressive.”

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In addition to creating music, JDM obtains a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition from UC Santa Barbara and is continuing his education at USC’s Music Teaching and Learning Masters Program. JDM works alongside legendary musician Eric Parker who has produced for notable artists such as Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Kanye West, and Lauryn Hill, to name a few. JDM also teaches music to local high school students in the Los Angeles area while spending his weekends performing with his mariachi band.


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