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lil Otti: Next Female Artist On The Rise

Lil Otti , Ottinece Danielle Hines is a rapper. She was born on January 7, in Chicago, and raised in Atlanta, GA, she I’s a Capricorn. She has 7 brothers and she is a the only girl (5th oldest). She has a 4 year old son named Tristan and he’s the only child. She likes to cook and do hair. She also likes to dance; she did tap dance and ballet up until she was about 11 years old and she became a cheerleader in middle school and she cheered all the way through her senior year of high school. She was also on the dance team in college. She played soccer as a kid also. She attended college at Chicago State University because she wanted to be closer to her family but she moved right back to Atlanta after college. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite sport is basketball. She grew up with all boys so She was really into sports and video games coming up; She was a kind of a tomboy because she didnt  have any female siblings. She love to help people. She hate to see people struggling or going through things because She know how it feels to go through struggles in life. Her mom was the only parent in her life. Her dad was not around; he was in and out of jail and he was hooked on drugs. 2 of her brothers are from both of her parents and the other 5 are only from her dad, which I didn’t know my entire life. She met her brothers at different times of her life at different ages but She currently knows all of her brothers and love them deeply. She is very outspoken… Shes  the friend that will give  you the blunt truth no matter how hard it may be for you to hear. Overall, She is a really cool outgoing person who does right by everyone that She love and She expect the same in return.

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