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Imagine What Real Love Feels Like With Dorian’s Electronica-R&B Albums Songs In The Key Of Love, 1 & 2

Singer and songwriter Dorian has been imagining what real love feels like throughout the 2 tracklists he recently presented, Songs In The Key of Love and Songs In The Key of Love 2. He himself struggled with finding love because of issues regarding his sexual identity.

Fortunately, Dorian found love while serving in the US Air Force, and the outcome of this unconditional love experience was translated via those two albums. His unique combination of electronica, pop, and r&b, will undeniably appeal to the masses, but mainly thanks to his incredibly emotive voice paired with the poetry he has been able to create and transform into sophisticated songwriting projects. A gifted songwriter and a skilled singer are the two elements that Songs In The Key Of Love display with a unique style, and we are most certain Dorian will continue creating amazing songs to share with the public. 



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