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Saint Rien’s Captivating Vocals Takes On New Single and Video “Like You”

Australian native and currently Nashville-based singer Saint Rien is a need-to-have name on every playlist in 2021. His debut solo, along with the music video, “Tell The Truth,” smashed through and pegged the artist as a staple in the genre.

He has now come along to release his second track titled “Like You.” Saint Rien composed the song around the presumption: “I can fall in love with someone… like you.” 

This light sarcastic yet romantic song describes his young, substance-filled journey from a hopeless romantic who did not believe in love to finding his soulmate years later. From passion and attachment to drama and love, this song has all the ingredients to make it a great hit from passion and attachment to drama and love.

His art is confident and engaging, much like the music video. This new track examines the young artist as he converts his vibe into a breezy candor, beautifully blended with his unique voice and signature whispery rap. The singer retains charm and honesty along with his relatable lyrics.

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