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10k Kobee Shares Fire New Single “Without My Tool”

Fast-rising US rapper 10k Kobee has dropped his latest single, “Without My Tool”. Hailing from Chicago, 10k Kobee has been going from strength to strength since bursting on the scene last year. Previous release “Vlone” was streamed over a million times, and the independent rapper looks set to have his biggest release yet with “Without My Tool”, which was already generating buzz prior to its release. The track arrives alongside an equally impressive music video produced by No More Heroes.

Influenced by the likes of Eminem and Busta Rhymes, 10k Kobee immediately stands out on “Without My Tool” with his ability to switch flows and with his animated delivery – both on the track and during the music video. Enhanced further with its catchy lyrics and a gritty beat full of heavy bass and bouncing 808s produced by ProdByTr4nce, “Without My Tool” has all the makings of a bona fide hit. Speaking further on the release, 10k Kobee says, “I feel like me being solo on this track leaves room for nothing but great opportunities! With this sound and style of music I chose, I was focused on entertaining and being fun, lyrically amusing and 100% relatable to people all over the world.

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“The artistic visual I put together is basically acting out real-life situations in the most comical way. And when I said: ‘I got a baby it go wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! Wah! That s**t push me to go harder watch I make it that’s the plan!’ I was not capping! Now that I have a baby boy and a family to take care of, it leaves me to be persevering and industrious, so I will not stop until I reach my intended goal.”

When he’s not behind the mic, 10k Kobee is also busy with his acting endeavours, and he currently has a leading role in the popular web series 2 Brothers: A Chicago Lifestyle. With mounting success as both a rapper and actor, it’s clear 10k Kobee is one to watch out for, and he’s still only really just getting started. “Without My Tool” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms:

Keep up to date with the latest from 10k Kobee: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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Artist Spotlight

Joseph Carney & IAMTHELIVING – “The Reverse Music Video”

“The Reverse Music Video” is a unique, conceptual new offering from acclaimed filmmaker Joseph Carney made in collaboration with Juno-winning musician IAMTHELIVING. Having both grown up in the UK before relocating to Canada, the two artists joined forces in Vancouver, BC to create this one-of-a-kind piece, halfway across the world from their shared homeland.“The Reverse Music Video” was crafted through an idiosyncratic process, in which, Carney first filmed IAMTHELIVING’s loose vocal improvisations and built a story on the fly, then constructed a song by combining multitudes of takes, resulting in a song & music video unlike any other- one where the video came first, and then the music second.

A holistic collaboration that showcases the two artists’ natural chemistry and a keen eye for detail, “The Reverse Music Video” makes for a refreshing take upon music visuals in a current landscape where many are falling into the same patterns. Not only is the pair’s willingness to break boundaries and work outside the box highly admirable, but so is the craftsmanship itself- an enlivening combination of atmospheric alternative R&B sounds from IAMTHELIVING and glowing, focused shots from Carney that inspire a feeling of clarity.

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About Joseph Carney: Originally from the UK, Joseph spent his childhood moving all over the world, never settling for more than 2 years, giving him a unique global perspective that he lends to every project.

Post graduation, Joseph forged a career as an up-and-coming directorial talent in Canada, with two short films funded by highly selective and sought-after Canada Council of the Arts grants, as well as a variety of artistic projects like this one. He now lives in New York City.

Connect with Joseph Carney: Vimeo | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with IAMTHELIVING: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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Artist Spotlight

Pop artist Dylan Osiris collaborate with Mal-J on hip-hop hit single “KINGDOMS”

Dylan Osiris

Dylan Osiris is a project of Dylan Lewman of EDM legacy group K Theory.  Known for pioneering new takes and adaptations on genres Dylan Osiris blazes a new path bringing the world of spiritualism to the world of pop and hip hop as an enlightened pop artist using media to spread the message of self-love and actualization.  Teaming with long-term collaborator and rap artist Mal J, KINGDOMS is a positive but raw-edged banger.

The single “Kingdoms” was inspired by the awakening of King Codes Dylan received when creating the Osiris project. This song embodies the divine masculine energy & features an east-to-west collaboration with Mal J (New Jersey) and Dylan Osiris (Utah) bringing their own unique frequency together.

The two collaborated on the K Theory singles “One Night Only” (feat. on Rap Caviar) and “Frat House” with Dylan on the production and Mal J on the flow, now both coming together to share the vocals on this epic demographic bending collaboration. Dylan reached out to Mal J to hop on the feature as he is one of New Jersey’s hottest underground rappers & a legend/king of his community and his own imprint “The Label” #LOGL in Morristown, the city where Dylan had his NDE coma in 2013. The two toured together & collaborated heavily on tracks from 2015-2018 when Dylan was producing under K Theory, and more collaborations to come as Mal J prepares to drop his debut LP this fall featuring Dylan’s production.

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This song intends to awaken the Divine Masculine within all who listen to “Kingdoms” so that everyone can call in their birthright of total abundance in all areas of their lives and honor the king/queen/divine being that they truly were born to be!

Stream KINGDOMS here

Connect with Dylan Osiris: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

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