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9 of the Best Cookbooks For Beginners, From Pasta to Pastries

Looking for easy recipe suggestions? Vogue editors share the best cookbooks for beginners that they use time and time again….

-Chloe Schama, Senior Editor

The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen

Simply by Sabrina Ghayour

“As a big Ottolenghi fan—but someone too lazy to make his more elaborate dishes on a regular basis—I was obsessed with Sabrina Ghayour’s first cookbook, Persiana, which explores a similarly eclectic mix of Eastern Mediterranean cuisines but using a more easily accessible range of ingredients. This summer I picked up her latest book, Simply, which offers even speedier weeknight takes riffing on Ghayour’s largely Iranian-inspired flavors: I love the chorizo and goat’s cheese borek and the falafel recipe, both of which are super quick to whip up and make for obscenely delicious next-day leftovers too.”

-Liam Hess, Contributing Writer


What to Bake and How to Bake It by Jane Hornby

“I’m an enthusiastic baker, but a bad one—I basically need subtitles to watch the Great British Bake Off. (Feathering, tempering, proving—what?) So thank goodness for What to Bake and How to Bake It, which is part recipes, part teaching manual, and overall, one of the best cookbooks for beginners. I’ll be on my way to ‘Star Baker’ in no time.”

-Elise Taylor, Living Writer

What to Bake and How to Bake It



Pasta Grannies by Vicki Bennison

“If you adhere to the true Pasta Granny method of making your dough and sauce on Sundays, the pasta dishes in the Grannies’ cookbook are pretty easy to whip up on a weeknight—and far more delicious than any box pasta you could ever make. I think the easiest pasta shapes are probably the ones you can make with only your hands or small tools like cavatelli, orecchiette, corzetti, instead of rolling out the dough for noodles, but that’s just my take. Even if you don’t spring for the cookbook, the Grannies have a great YouTube channel too where they walk through their signature dishes. It’s a total joy to watch and cook along.”


-Steff Yotka, Fashion News Editor

Pasta Grannies

East by Meera Sodha 

“My mom gave this cookbook to my boyfriend for Christmas, and we’ve promptly made three of its recipes in a row. It features vegetarian dishes inspired by a variety of Asian cuisines, with the perfect balance of easy recipes and more intimidating ones I’m excited to try on a weekend. Categories include noodles, curries, rice, and tofu, plus a section on condiments so you can learn how to DIY pickled ginger and Sichuan chile oil. The asparagus and snow peas with chile peanut crumbs is a great starting point, with shiitake pho as a quick follow-up. I’m saving the four-ingredient ‘Breakfast at Shuko’s’ udon noodle dish for New York’s next rainy day.”


-Ella Riley-Adams, Senior Living and Beauty Editor




Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

“One of my favorite cookbooks is Cravings by Chrissy Teigen. I love to infuse Asian recipes into my cooking, but often the ingredients list is too lengthy or the steps are too convoluted. She allows me to indulge in my favorite dishes with ease. One dish I’ve been making a lot lately is her Asian Chicken Salad dish served with fresh crispy wonton strips and a homemade dressing.”


-Julie Tong, Senior Commerce Editor

The Balthazar Cookbook by Keith McNally, Riad Nasr and Lee Hanson

“I’d hardly call the Balthazar cookbook an easy cookbook, but somehow, it’s become my go-to—even despite being an amateur in the kitchen. Since I love baking way more than cooking, I can attest to the desserts in particular: the creme brulée is always a hit when I make it. (And I’ve been making it a lot.) Next up, I’m determined to try out the Koulibiac recipe, an old-fashioned dish with layered salmon wrapped in a puff pastry. (Salivating yet?) I’ll need a sous-chef to even attempt it, though.”

-Christian Allaire, Fashion Writer


The Balthazar Cookbook





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Mike Amiri’s Fashion Empire, Unveiling the 2024 Net Worth of the Trendsetting Designer

Mike Amiri

Mike Amiri’s Fashion Empire, Unveiling the 2024 Net Worth of the Trendsetting Designer



In the ever-changing realm of fashion, some designers rise above the rest, embodying style, opulence, and innovation. Mike Amiri, a luminary in his own right, has woven a tale of success from obscurity to acclaim. Discover the 2024 net worth of the visionary behind Amiri, a designer whose passion and creativity have elevated him to the pinnacle of the fashion world.

Mike Amiri’s journey commenced in the heart of Los Angeles, where his love for fashion and design sprouted from humble beginnings. From his early years, his keen eye for aesthetics drew inspiration from the vibrant street culture that enveloped him, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors.


In 2014, Amiri boldly launched his eponymous fashion label, Amiri, with a distinctive vision to redefine luxury streetwear. Melding high-end craftsmanship with urban aesthetics, his debut collection garnered widespread acclaim, captivating fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. The Amiri brand gained momentum, solidifying its position as a formidable force in contemporary fashion.

Cultivating his brand meticulously, Mike Amiri earned a fan base among Hollywood’s elite. Expanding beyond clothing, signature denim and leather jackets became staples, while statement footwear and accessories exuded an effortless coolness and sophistication. Ventures into collaborations with notable artists and musicians further elevated Amiri’s status as a cultural phenomenon.


Capitalizing on business opportunities, Amiri showcased a knack for staying ahead in the ever-changing fashion landscape. Exclusive partnerships, limited-edition releases, pop-up shops, and international expansion became integral parts of the brand’s success.

Reflecting on Mike Amiri’s net worth in 2024, estimated at $15 million by Idol Net Worth, his journey from a budding designer to a revered fashion icon is nothing short of extraordinary. Through determination, talent, and a pursuit of excellence, he carved a niche in a cutthroat industry. With a finger on the pulse of contemporary culture, Mike Amiri continues to push boundaries, inspiring individuals globally to embrace their unique style and self-expression. As fashion evolves, one certainty prevails: Mike Amiri’s influence and legacy will endure for years to come.

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Artist Spotlight

Shreyaa Sumi: A Red Carpet Sensation with a Story of Triumph

In the glitzy world of fashion and entertainment, certain personalities shine bright, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide. One such luminary is Shreyaa Sumi, a multi-talented individual who has left an indelible mark on the global fashion scene. Shreyaa has become a symbol of success, juggling roles as an American model, actress, and a devoted wife and mother. Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of this accomplished individual who recently graced the Los Angeles fashion show with her stunning presence.

Red Carpet Glamour at Los Angeles Fashion Show:


Shreyaa Sumi recently stole the spotlight at a Los Angeles fashion show, turning heads with her radiant red look. The Instagram sensation posted a video flaunting her glamorous ensemble – a short and sassy red dress paired with long black shoes and a chic red jacket. The caption, “What time is it? It’s showtime! Thank you for inviting me to your private NY Red Carpet event,” exuded confidence and excitement. The location tag placed her at the heart of the entertainment world – Los Angeles, Hollywood.

Early Life and Modelling Beginnings:


Shreyaa Sumi embarked on her modeling journey in India, where her passion for fashion and media first took root. However, it wasn’t until she moved to the United States with her husband Vijai, that she decided to pursue her dreams on an international scale. From that point forward, there was no looking back for Shreyaa.

Family and Personal Life:


Beyond the glitz and glamour, Shreyaa Sumi is a proud wife to Vijai and a doting mother to her daughter, Sia Vijai. Her ability to balance a thriving career with family life is a testament to her resilience and dedication. In media interviews, Shreyaa has openly shared how her family has been her pillar of support, standing by her throughout her journey to turn dreams into reality.

Awards and Accolades:


Shreyaa Sumi’s success in the fashion industry is underscored by a slew of prestigious awards. In 2022, she clinched the title of Mrs Universe Asia USA, a testament to her excellence on the international stage. Additionally, she has been honored with a doctorate, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the fields of media and fashion. Shreyaa also holds the Asia’s Women of Influence Lifetime Achievement Award, further solidifying her status as an industry trailblazer.

Shreyaa Sumi’s story is one of triumph, resilience, and unwavering determination. From her modest beginnings in Tamilnadu, India, to gracing the red carpet in Hollywood, she has come a long way. As an American model, actress, and a devoted wife and mother, Shreyaa Sumi continues to inspire aspiring individuals in the fashion and entertainment industry. With a string of accolades to her name and a supportive family by her side, Shreyaa is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the world of glamour and fame.


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