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Best Songs Of All Time Vol.5 – Top 30 Tracks

In today’s article, we are going to share with you all the Best Songs Of All Time. We all know that Keeping up with tracks of all the songs on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and many others is quite hard. Let’s admit it! There is a lot to do in the music industry and it is difficult to catch up on all the releases. So that’s why we listed the Best Songs of All Time Vol. 5 that you just can’t miss! We choose the most outstanding collection that you have to add to your Spotify playlist and others. Featuring up-and-coming artists in the music industry sure as Eddie Cee-vo, P.G.L.U., Armstrong, and many others.

Eddie Cee-vo and P.G.L.U. – DANGEROUS


Armstrong – Bruises


TheWorst – Vices (Live at Chillhouse – featuring Dana Colley of Morphine)




King Tel and Twan Skii – My Guitar


Hill$ide – Party in Da MOB


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Goth Girlfriend – DISS TRACK

Kuz? – Peter Pan?


Reese Weil – Cuddle Up


Puzzls – Steps (1, 2, 3, 4)


Jonny Chexx – Overdue Ft. Karma


Young Billie Goat – 33 HUNNID

Leon Bahar and Katie Prothero – Synchronicities




Jtrapz – Blue Therapy


Mazey Haze – Headspin


Hella Yella – Burn


Apocalypse l8er – it’s odd we think at all


Goodnight Native – PEREGRINE


Arwk – Wgwy


Zardee and MoneO – Round My Way


Dylamic – SPLASH


NoKissing – BADTHING


Noodłe – Schemin’

Mike McGovern – One in a Million (feat. Tony Newbury)


Cay Slatt – Read It


BCS – Chillin With Good Vision


Shayan Valaie – FØURDAYS (feat. Yan P)


NOOMA – Concrete People


Ham – Issues

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