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Bree Jaxson Announces The Release of Her New Single, “Way Back”

Bree Jaxson, a combat veteran who has served in the Air Force for thirteen years now, is ready to step into the music scene again with a new track titled “Way Back,” out on May 27. The rousing music exudes sunny dispositions and is loaded with buoyant melodies; it is certain to inspire listeners to sing and dance along with the tune. On “Way Back,” Bree Jaxson will take her audience on an adventure that is well-suited for a festive holiday weekend. The song is bouncy, flirtatious, and sensual, and it fills the air with addictive beats that are accompanied by images of golden sun rays and summery beach emotions. 


As a United States Air Force member, Bree Jaxson is now stationed along the border between the United States and Mexico. Even though she currently serves the country, she has not stopped making songs. She began her career in music at an early age, when she was still in high school, studying performing arts. She is best known for her country beats and unbounded passion for music. In 2018, she released her debut single titled “Kryptonite,” and in 2021, she lit the music landscape on fire with the release of three singles titled “Make Me Hate You,” “Country Heart City Roots,” and “Giving In.” She views music as a medium through which one may express themselves creatively and expressively, and she uses music as a vehicle for positivity and never-ending storytelling. 

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“Way Back” will be available for streaming starting May 27. Make sure to pre-save it, and visit Bree Jaxson’s Instagram or website to learn more about her.

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Artist Spotlight

Ki Storii shines on new single, “Shawty Lo” (ft. Cheek the Profit)

Bronx artist Ki Storii came onto our radar for her recent single, “Shawty Lo”, which features fellow Renaissance Music member Cheek the Profit of New Jersey. An electrifying, catchy single that could rattle any track or provide an apt soundtrack to any night of clubbing and partying, “Shawty Lo”‘s infectious bounce and sharply-crafted vocals demand the listener’s attention immediately. Containing raw, hard-hitting percussion, catchy key riffs, and heavy 808s, “Shawty Lo” is a powerful, and simultaneously sensual, song that provides truly engaging energy.

Talking about “Shawty Lo”, Ki Storii says, “Shawty Lo is about being the life of the party and how the guys love being around her.” This quote rings true from the opening remarks where she states “m*f*ckers out here asking for an only fans page… HA”.

Listen to “Shawty Lo” here and familiarize yourself with the rising Bronx artist:



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Artist Spotlight

AVX shares infectious album, ‘Highs & Lows’


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