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Central PA Singer-Songwriter Channels Classic Cash On Debut Single

Alt-country/folk singer-songwriter Pete Miller has released an all-acoustic debut single, “A Light Out There.” He’s drawing comparisons to Johnny Cash.

I am 29 years of age, but my knees feel much older”— Pete Miller

“Oh, there is a light, a light out there, a light out there my friend
A light so warm it takes all form and comes peacefully if you choose
There is no line I can say or choose to demean the light, for the light is not confused
If the spark is your faith, what line will amuse you not to try, and what is your excuse?”
–Pete Miller, “A Light Out There”

“Pete Miller holds nothing back on the raw grit and fire of “A Light Out There” – IndiePulse Music
“An organic, unfiltered, yet groovy musical approach” – Daily Music Roll
“Taking influences from country music but dabbed with alternative and punk music, Pete Miller manages to carve out for himself a surprising niche” – The Indie Source

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There is, indeed, a light out there for Central PA singer-songwriter Pete Miller. The Connecticut native is already garnering critical praise for his stripped-down, homespun, true-to-life songs, notably his debut single. “A Light Out There” was released by MTS Records, on April 1st, 2022, and you’d be a fool to ignore it.
His brand of music is raw, unpolished and unfiltered. Channeling the spirits of the late Johnny Cash and Townsend Van Zandt, Miller delivers his homespun poetic lyrics over his jangling acoustic guitar picking, painting a vivid portrait of simpler times, imperfect productions, and true rock ‘n’ roll energy. There’s nothing fancy about Pete Miller’s style, but he’s as authentic as they come…what you see is truly what you get.

While following his music dream, Pete works at the blue collar jobs he sings about in his “everyman songs,” working in warehouses, lumber yards, and construction, while studying mechanics part-time. Miller makes no bones about his honest, hard-working, blue collar image. He lives the lyrics he writes, saying “I am 29 years of age, but my knees feel much older.”

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Listen to “A Light Out There” at
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The Italian Composer Aria Releases New Single

Assieme Edizioni from Sanremo, Italy is proud to announce Aria’s new holiday single, “A Christmas Letter.”  Aria has continued his tradition of releasing ensemble collaborations with talented singers and musicians. In April it was the call to arms for animal rights, The Next Life, and now it’s a song of recognition for working mothers around the world who can’t be at home with their children for Christmas.

Some may know Aria (real name Mariano Schiavolini) for his work with the Italian progressive rock group, Celeste, but in recent years he’s been traveling the world looking for the perfect artists and sounds to “contaminate” his fusion pieces. In the last few years alone, this has led him to South Africa, Los Angeles, and France.

In 2021 he traveled to Prague to work with the world-renowned City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. What they achieved was nothing short of breathtaking. We’re happy to introduce the first song from that session.

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“A Christmas Letter” is a classic soul/R&B tune in the Motown style. It features Sherita O. as a lead vocalist (Boney M.) and North Macedonia’s Heruvimi children’s choir. We’ve also released a beautiful music video.

Christmas is a time of joy, when people come together. But so many can’t be home with their loved ones. Think of the mothers in the military, in the service industry, and what about those in war zones? During this magical time of year, let us all stop to think of those precious to us and take a moment to wish peace upon the world.

“A Christmas Letter” is out now in online stores!

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Occ Taee scores big with new single “I H8TE HOES”

Occ Taee has come through with a fresh new single called “I H8TE HOES”. Based in Indianapolis, Occ Taee has been an artist on the rise, catching the attention of major labels with his tenacious authority and rising social media presence.

The prolific artist returns once again with a fast-paced heavy hitter in “I H8TE HOES”. Containing raw, intense production and flows that showcase Taee’s strenghts on the mic, with superb breath control and a commanding delivery that demands the listener’s full attention.

Harp strings and trap drums excite listeners around the world to the sound of Occ Taee’s 2nd release this month. This track continues to remind fans of his grit, hard work, and attention to detail. It’s a track that expresses his feelings to never trust anyone, sharing his past experiences and reminding his listeners to stay on their toes.

Audio engineer Tyler Weaver once again creates magic with Occ Taee’s new single. Mixing and mastering the rapper’s unique single to allow his fans the ultimate listening experience. From the detailed track layering to the stylistic additions, Tyler Weaver created a track every Occ Taee fan wants to listen to.

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In addition, Occ Taee proves once again that he’s here to stay. With his streak of consistent music drops, Occ Taee will make sure we never forget his name.

If you are not familiar with Occ Taee already, we recommend you get acquainted with the rising Indianapolis artist, who has been on a hot streak of late with stylish, immersive trap bangers.

Stream “I H8TE HOES” here:

Follow Occ Taee on social media:

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