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Christian Chart-Topper HeIsTheArtist Celebrates His Birthday And Biblical Event With Two Singles

On August 8th, the #1 international iTunes artist will release “God is on my Mind” and pop/rock radio-ready single, “Parted Waves.” August 8th is also the holiday “Ashura,” which celebrates Moses’ parting of the Red Sea.

On his birthday, August 8th, 2022, eclectic, enigmatic and experimental Christian performer, HeIsTheArtist will celebrate by releasing two new singles, “God Is On My Mind” and the radio friendly “Parted Waves.” The latter will be promoted to Christian and AC/40, Top 40 radio. August 8th is also the Islamic holiday of “Ashura,” marking Moses’ parting of the Red Sea. The song conveys Lyric videos for both songs will be making their premieres that day on HeIsTheArtist’s Youtube channel. In this digital age, many lack patience, and “God Is On My Mind” serves as reassurance that God is with you always. The song reiterates the biblical message that sometimes you have to wait on God’s greatest gifts, but those gifts are worth the wait.

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“Parted Waves” conveys the message that we can ask God for His assistance during our most troubling times. It is song about letting go, and letting God into your life. The song also alludes to people running during the massive number of mass shootings in America in 2022. Much like the Israelites, who fled from the Egyptians in “The Book Of Exodus” in the Bible, the victims required God’s assistance in order to reach safety. “Parted Waves” will hit radio airwaves on July 25th.

“I’m goin, I’m goin, I’m goin, I’m goin, I’m goin, I’m goin Party’s over The devil wants me Can’t you see that I am A child of God “

About HeIsTheArtist

Hailing from Central Islip, NY and formerly signed under his birth name, LeeMann Bassey recorded and released secular r&b and dance music for Bentley Records. Inspired to release Christian music after hearing a sermon by Bishop TD Jakes, HeIsTheArtist cites influences including Prince, Chaka Khan, Sade, Maxwell, and D’Angelo.

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For more information on HeIsTheArtist, please visit his website.

Artist Spotlight

Voice Of Addiction Releases New Music “SHINIGAMI”

Voice Of Addiction

Meet Voice Of Addiction, a Chicago-based punk-rockers who are making major moves. V.O.A is no stranger to the music industry, Storytelling, motivation, and inspiration, are what you can find in V.O.A music. The band has 8 official releases & independently sold over 10,000 physical copies (as well as being involved in countless compilations, and digital sales).

What makes V.O.A unique is its talent and approach to music. Their soulful voices and ability to create both introspective and relatable lyrics have endeared them to many fans and made them one of the fastest-rising Rock / Punk artists. V.O.A’s passion for their art shines through their mastery of the soulful acoustic sound that mesmerizes their audience in every performance.

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Artist Spotlight

Chris Lewington – “Radio Radio”

Chris Lewington

U.K.’s talented singer-songwriter, Chris Lewington has released his new catchy single called “Radio Radio”. Which is an acoustic folk song written to inspire happiness and hope.

“Radio Radio” has that sort of nagging catchline you just can’t get out of your head, coded and dense lyrically, and builds to an apocalyptic cataclysm. Chris Lewington’s lyrics are at home in a garden of guitars, simple drum kit, and voices. It is a timeless song with a timeless message and leaves you feeling refreshed and alive much like the flowers after the rain clouds lift.

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