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Dora Rodriguez Miss Universe Finalist

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Dora Rodriguez is a rare person who holds three different citizenships – Canadian, Spanish, and Peruvian and has been traveling her whole life. She got her big break in the modeling industry when she became a Miss Universe Canada finalist, and was signed to many international modeling agencies, allowing her to achieve work in over 34 countries. She speaks multiple languages and holds a journalism degree. She’s done a lot of TV and radio broadcasting work, and then discovered the voice acting industry, giving her voice to multiple projects in English and in Spanish for big companies like Audi. Standing tall at almost 5’9” she has continued to model and was recently on the cover of Playboy South Africa in January 2020.

She explains her true passion is acting and has taken classes at the world renown LA acting studio Speiser Sturges, and plans on continuing that path when the world gets back to normal. She is currently quarantining in Dubai as she was recently signed to a renown Dubai modeling agency when the travel bans occurred, and was about to travel to Mexico for a photoshoot for FHM USA, that has now been postponed until further notice.

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