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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Michael Ingrassia, Laurent Caille, Serge Leterrier, David Decraene, Gael Zaks, who are Mastermind behind a Film Title: “A STONE IN THE HEART”, soon to Be Released



As the film finally heads towards its digital release, we had the opportunity to exclusively chat with the writer/directors – Michael Ingrassia, Serge Leterrier, Laurent Caille, David Decraene, Gael Zaks,  about their personal inspirations, chaos in film-making, and creating characters you can empathize with.

These fantastic individuals – Michael Ingrassia, Serge Leterrier (Screenplayer of the film) is based on an original idea by Michael Ingrassia. Jose Pinheiro (Coordinator and technical advisor), Laurent Caille (Artistic Director), and Gael Zaks (Actor) are all Franco-Belgian and European fiction actors – based on the life of Michael Ingrassia.

Michael Ingrassia is the Creator of the film. Serge Leterrier is the – (Screenwriter). The origins of this film are a series of discussions they had with the director of the project. Michael Ingrassia’s transition from in front of the camera in a number of hugely popular and highly respected Philosophical tales about the chaotic journey of a little guy from Liège, his sufferings, his struggles, a parade of genres, representing the whole of the society of our time.

The new film production is titled: “A Stone in the Heart” (in English), “Une Pierre Dans le Coeur” (in French) will soon be released. The film “A Stone in the Heart” is targeted at adults and young adult audiences.

This past week, we got the chance to sit down with the film’s creative driving force themselves to discuss the inspirations and motivations behind making the movie, the casting crews, and the film’s poster is the veracity of March – April 2022 to be released.


Here are the highlights of our interview…


Michael Ingrassia:

Michael Ingrassia is the Creator of the film while Screenplayed by Serge Leterrier is based on an original idea by Michael Ingrassia. Jose Pinheiro is Coordinator and technical advisor, Stéphane Ferrara is Director, Laurent Caille is Artistic director. Screenplay was based on the life of Michael Ingrassia.


Serge Leterrier

His name is Serge Leterrier. He is the scriptwriter of the film, A Stone in the Heart. He is 63 years old. He lives in the south of France, in Sorgues in the Vaucluse (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region). He has been a journalist for 25 years. He had worked for national and regional media and created his own magazines focused on culture, arts and cinema. He is an author of books (novels, works on heritage). He is also a graphic designer, the posters of the project A Stone in the Heart are his creations.  He love cinema and obviously this passion and writing helped him to become a screenwriter. It is in 2015 that he launched himself in this profession.


David Decraene:  

David lives in Paris; He studied acting in the Minsk Academy of arts and used the Voice Dialogue acting Method (Emmanuelle Chaulet). He recently played a modern Benvolio in “The World is Ours” by Mohamed Hamdaoui and Abraham Toure and in the feature “Close to the Sun” by Benjamin Rancoule. He also prepared another main role for the Feature “Monarque ” produced by Rashed M’dini (Winner of “The Hollywood Tribute Price” , “Prix du Jury” in 2006  both in the Festival de Cannes ). He has worked with Emri Kusturica and Abel Ferrara.


Gaël Zaks:

The 36 year’s old actor Gaël was born in France. He is French-American and grew up in New York. He currently lives in Paris France but spends a few months a year in New York. Gaël Zaks studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in NY and right after he got into the Screen Actors Guild. There he worked with great directors such as Nancy Savoca, Chris Columbus, Rod Holcomb, Sal Anthony, and others.

He moved to France where he has been working with great directors as well. Lately with Sophie Marceau and him also a recurring actor for the past 5 years, with the role of ‘Ben’, in France No1 comedy show ‘Scènes de Ménages.’ This year he will also be directing his first feature film ‘Mrs. Rosenbloom’. He is very excited about it! Besides that, he loves sports and particularly traveling to discover other cultures and languages. Astrophysics is also a great passion of mine.


  1. State the main features of this film – the title and origins of the film, and owners. Expected release date; Intended audience; The Story behind the film and who are composers of the film.


Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

The origins of this film is a discussion we had with the director of the project, Michael Ingrassia, a Belgian national. In 2018 Michael came up with the idea of making a film about his tumultuous life and asked me to write the script. I answered Yes and by mutual agreement we decided to handle this story in a life fiction by orienting this biographical story towards a composition where dream and fantasy take their importance. This project is an ode to love through the trials of life. A reflection on life at the border of death…


Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

Dramatic, fantasy and dreamlike comedy. Philosophical tale about the chaotic journey of a little guy from Liège, his sufferings, his struggles, his way to his truth. Baroque and humanist fresco, a parade of genres, representing the whole of the society of our time. From happiness to tragedy, reborn or not to Life, accursed and fallen artist, Indiana Jones of parallel worlds.


  1. Biography of each Actors/Directors: (Describe each actor’s age, city, qualifications, achievement and interests):  ( Add Names, Age, Photo, Place of birth, City of residence)
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Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

My name is Serge Leterrier, I am the scriptwriter of the film, A Stone in the Heart. I am 63 years old, I live in the south of France, in Sorgues in the Vaucluse (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region). I have been a journalist for 25 years. I have worked for national and regional media and created my own magazines focused on culture, arts and cinema. I am an author of books (novels, works on heritage). I am also a graphic designer, the posters of the project A Stone in the Heart are my creations.  I love cinema and obviously this passion and writing helped me to become a screenwriter. It is in 2015 that I launched myself in this profession.


Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

Lots of references to the history of art. Against a backdrop of intrigue, mystique, esotericism and passions. More than a tour of the world and its cultures, it is a synthesis of the invisible. Eternal struggle of good against evil. Tributes are paid to very great authors. Lynch, Kubrick, Godard, Guilliam, Nolan and Burton are also honored by small touches, all in finesse. I believe that it is impossible to precisely define such a film which transports the viewer on a drunken boat.


  1. How can you introduce the major characters in the film? What does this tell our audience about what to expect in the film story?


Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

The articulation of this film is done with three characters, Piero Di Cuero, whose role is attributed to David Decreane, with at his side, Armand Tal, Piero’s mind which takes shape, interpreted by Gaël Zaks and Finally Gipsy Ché, the conscience, whose role is entrusted to Pascal D’Iverneresse. 3 characters corresponding in a physical reality to a man, the hero of the film, A Stone in the Heart.

Another important character in this film is the Archangel Michael who accompanies Piero in this extraordinary adventure.

The film is an initiatory path that the character, Piero Di Cuero and his two acolytes must take to assimilate and understand the meaning of his life. For this he must, following an aggression, start a second time his existence to hope to get out of the clutches of a certain death. Time is running out for him. It is through this temporal curvature that he will, through several authors, breathe his new life and perhaps feed his dreams.


Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

I assume that each character is essential to the harmony of the whole. Apart from Piero Di Cuero, this unusual anti hero, everyone is important because it is a fresco with poetry. I say to your audience: let yourself be carried away by the mystery and find the path of the dream and its wishes

 Gaël Zaks: (Actor)

Piero Di Cuero is an adventurer, actor, writer who gets attacked as his life collapsed and he lives a homeless person. In his coma, he has to relive his three past life to finally reach freedom.
In his journey, he is accompanied by Armand Tale, who represents his consciousness and his mind. He will try throughout the entire journey to lead him into directions that suit him.


  1. How would you like to be introduced to the world? 

Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

As a screenwriter with a passion for writing and great stories

Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

I have no pretensions at this level. Life is a spectacle every day. Like Socrates, I can try to show it, but everyone tastes life in their own way. The world is disenchanted today. We don’t talk enough about the beautiful things that exist every day. My film is an antidepressant that makes you think who wants to.

Gaël Zaks: (Actor)

As an actor who gives 200 % to his role in order to GIVE to the audience. Give strong emotions, give adventure, and also a reflation on ourselves.


  1. When did everyone become interested in working together as a team to produce the film, and what influenced everybody’s decision to pursue this career?

Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

It is Michael Ingrassia, who after writing the script gathered around him the different actors and team of the film with notably, Stéphane Ferrara (director), José Pinheiro (technical director), Laurent Caille (artistic director).

Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

Right away. Like magic. Everyone responded, seeing it as the alpha and omega of cinema. This film has an aura. This is what makes him special. Between the end of a world and the start of a new one. That’s why he keeps pace with life. And may he go through the challenges the world faces today.

David Decraene : (Actor)

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I first met Michael Ingrassia ,who told me a little about the script. We shared spiritual interest, cinema discussion, we talked about culture, and art, and NDE (Near Death Experience). He proposed me the role almost two years after and it touched me in the Heart. I felt like synchronicity between me and the main character, then I met Gael Zaks .

We share the same values and the same interest in foinpirituality and art.

I also know Diane Martin and Adele Esseger who are part of the cast.


Gaël Zaks: (Actor)

Michael Ingrassia got in touch with me 4 months ago. He described to me the film, its purpose, and my character. I was seduced more than ever right away and I said yes to this incredible journey!


  1. Are there any relationships between various characters, be they friends, lovers, co-workers, or family members that are important to the film production? If so, describe the relationships that you believe contribute to the story and how those relationships advance the action of the film story.


Gaël Zaks: (Actor)

In the beginning, the production teams were already friends. Once we, the actors, got on the project, step by step we all became friends and now we’re to the point where we call each other almost every day just to chat ah.


  1. What do you hope to accomplish as an actor and director with your organization? 

Gaël Zaks: (Actor)

For the film to be a success and touch deeply as many people as possible.


David Decraene : (Actor)

I want people to feel transcendence, I want them to be transposed inside Pierrot di Cuero world , a world that transcends the basic world, with poetry, passion, spirituality, fantasy, and deep emotions and feelings. 

I want them to question their reference point; I want them to see beyond appearances, this will be a truly original story. I want them to meet Casanova, Barbe Bleue, and Don Quichotte in Pierrot Skin, I want to marvel at them and them to feel the resilience and rebirth of a man through his new life. This movie is really something else.


  1. Who is your target audience?


Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

Adult and young adult audience.

Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

This is independent cinema. The target audience is large and varied. Everyone can find out in their own way as long as it speaks to everyone. It’s like an opera for everyone.

Gaël Zaks: (Actor)

Definitely and late teen to the adult audience.
Who talks about soul and subconscious so I don’t think children would understand it.


  1. Describe how you would ensure that production is on schedule. What steps have you put in place to realize your target date of release?


Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

Filming is due to start in the spring of 2022. But such a work cannot be submitted only to the calendar. It is a great human adventure. A complete break with today’s turnkey cinema that I hate


  1. What are your key messages in the proposed movie?  


Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

A Stone in the Heart is a film of hope and compassion, of mercy, but also a language of life through the trials we can all go through.

Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

Already answered by others.

Gaël Zaks: (Actor)

To never give up even when it feels you’re so close to the end…always see the light within and outside.


  1. What’s your project budget?


Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

When you have small means, you need a lot of ideas. It allows creativity. Like I said, this is independent cinema. We have come to 3 million euros with different investment formulas and here too I hope to be a pioneer. This amount will be very large for independent cinema. Now we can send my bank account number to the public as well … (Laughs)


  1. Is your movie production part of a strategy or campaign? 

Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

The only campaign is pure creation. But indeed, I intend to bring together international cinemas. Because creating such joys, bringing people together is good for your health. And we need it.


  1. When completed, how will you measure results and ROI?


Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

I do not measure or calculate … The reward will be collective or not.



  1. What emotion are you trying to evoke in the film?


Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

The itinerary of a child tossed about by the turbulence of life. An exciting and moving adventure lost in the trap of a society sick of its destiny. An immersion between witchcraft, esotericism, mysticism, philosophy and wisdom, notions that mark the path of man throughout his existence to seek the shadow of his new world in gestation.

Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

True love in the sense expressed by Camus. Without freedom because it is breathed in by forces which exceed us. And the shock of the anti-lament awakening. Man becomes again a creator and not a creature. He takes back the reins of his destiny. A panoply of emotions and feelings in the end. And a warning about the meaning of our ignorance. With a lot of second, see 5th degree … In this film I hammer: nothing and nobody should decide for you.

Gaël Zaks: (Actor)

The story of a totally broken person Thant get so close to death, and with his inner strength and courage manages to get back on top.


  1. Tell us how successful and effective do you communicate your directions to the cast and crew of the proposed movie production. Are there any problems? 
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Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

No problem. My lines of communication are linked to #psychology of the depths, a legacy of the master builders, and by emerging human sciences. Synchronicity, for example. It is the 6th sense. And the intuition that allows us to gain more value on Earth


  1. Can you discuss your favorite movie or TV show and what you like about it from a director’s perspective? Is this your first movie production as a team?


Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

I am eclectic. From the #documentary to Benny Hill, including the Monthy Python and the Muppets Show… I was especially influenced by the richness of great Italian cinema.


  1. What experience do you have with video editing and production software tools? Who among your team has experience in video editing?


Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

I refuse to become a technician. So as not to restrict my spontaneous creativity. You shouldn’t intellectualize too much. It’s feeling that inspires me. Chapmans like Jung. No difference between fiction and our poor perception of reality. That’s why I always surround myself with technicians. I am more in the word and in the breath. Like Botticelli’s Venus.


  1. Who will speak on behalf of the organization / who will lead? 


Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

Michael Ingrassia, director of the film and its director Stéphane Ferrara.

Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

Me by necessity, but also Jose Pinheiro, Serge Leterrier, Stephane Ferrara and Laurent Caille. Gaël Zaks and David Decraene are also occasional spokespersons.

Gaël Zaks: (Actor)

Michael Ingrassia. The creator of the film.


  1. Where will the movie be shot?


 Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

In Belgium, in France by privileging the work in cinematographic Studio (we have a preference for Provence Studios in Martigues (France)

Michael Ingrassia – (Creator of the Film)

80% in the studio. It is about making Belgium, France, Sicily, and the abundant parallel worlds accessible. With a USA touch…. By Serge Leterrier we are oriented towards the new studios of Provence. In Martigues in France. Avoid heavy and unnecessary logistics costs. It is important.

A pioneer must meet with resistance from a world which no longer sees any meaning or benchmark since it is already in the past.

I am a conquistador of concrete irrationality.

Gaël Zaks: (Actor)

In France and Belgium.


  1. Before the launch of the movie, how do you stay organized and prioritize tasks?


Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

For my part, I am responsible for the text and listen to the director to make the writing evolve if the situation requires it, at the time of the cutting of the scenes and the shooting.


  1. Do you think that all the good stories have already been made into films?


Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

No, unfortunately, there are beautiful stories that remain in the drawers, without ever seeing the day.

Gaël Zaks: (Actor)

Not so! There are so many amazing stories to tell still. I think it’s endless. Like amazing paintings.


  1. Describe the last production everyone had worked on in a directorial capacity. What was the title of the films?


Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

I have a script in production entitled The Well of Sobs, produced by Nizar Benkirane, Palm Production. A Franco-Moroccan collaboration. Currently I am working on the adaptation of the novel by Gilles Uzzan, Isaac and Lola. I also have a personal project in development, a fantasy series, Coverage.


  1. The title of the currently proposed film is about what? (Give reasons).


Serge Leterrier – (Screenwriter)

A Stone in the Heart is an obvious title because it is the result of the trials that a man can endure throughout his existence… A Stone that man must leave on his path thanks to the love that man shares with others. A road that we all must take to lighten all the stones that we have in our hearts.



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Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out”?

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How can our readers follow you online?

Wicked Haitian – You all can follow me on our social media platforms @WickedHaitian.

For more updates, follow me on:

Instagram – @WickedHaitian

Twitter – @WickedHaitian

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