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Exclusive Interview with New York Artist: Mar

Mar is an artist you will never forget when he makes it to the top. He’s a hidden gem from New York state with a work rate that beats your favourite rapper. In a recent interview, Mar explained his origin, grind, and motive as an artist.


Which artists do you take inspiration from when creating your music?


‘Juice Wrld, xxxtentacion, Lil peep, more recently Jxdn (Jaden Hosstler) are my main inspirations.


What is the motive behind your music? 

My main goal is to inspire my generation to follow their dreams. I was tired of being fucked over and I grew into music on my own. I adopted mar because my friends used to call me that because they couldn’t say my real name. Music was always an escape and I just wanna inspire my generation not to be scared to follow their dreams and passions. No matter what anybody says, I do what I want and fuck what the world thinks. That’s my whole message. Be who you want to be. I prefer to keep that to myself. My real name is what my parents and the rest of the world want me to be, Mar is who I am. Exempt from everyone else’s expectations and only answering to my own.


What is next in your music career?


Next is the big move to LA and networking, lots and lots of networking!


Don’t sleep on Mar, you’ll be hearing more of him in 2022.
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DRBRWL drops off brand new project, ‘Drbrwl’

Minnesota artist DRBRWL has caught our attention for a fresh new EP called Drbrwl. Of Liberian and Ghanaian descent, DRBRWL is currently working as a youth advocate with young people in Minnesota while consistently performing and working on his craft within the twin cities. His latest project Drbrwl contains a series of vivid instrumentals that feel versatile throughout, as well as poignant and expressive vocal performances from DRBRWL, Drbrwl is a solid new offering from this Midwest up-and-comer.

Drbrwl contains a number of potently psychedelic songs that showcase DRBRWL’s unique songwriting skills and sound. Opener “within” makes for a highlight with its expansive, engaging sonics and sharp vocal performance, and “innerstand” is an emotive cut that scores with its tightly-crafted production and infectious vocal melodies. “mpd” contains a space-age soundscape and warbling, sonically rich vocals.

A solid project from DRBRWL overall, Drbrwl has us excited for what may be coming next from him.

Listen to Drbrwl here:


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Jxylen battles with his anger on fierce album “Project Mayhem: Fight Club Edition”

Returning with four new tracks on the deluxe edition of “Project Mayhem”, a dark and enigmatic release from early 2022, there is a slightly different side to Jxylen being shown. While the original release retold stories and perspectives from Jxylen’s past up till now, the four latest tracks are an update on the latest feelings and realizations he’s gone through.

“God Bless America” for example is a caustically written critique of American values, and an ironic spin on what makes America “America.” It’s a track filled with blistering statements and an indignantly painful tone. Jxylen lets his weakness against an unchanging power shine through with his angry and spastic delivery. Lines like “God bless America, most living just to die” and “this weights been very heavy” add to the overall hopelessness and nihilism of the track.

“Still Tired” and “SKT 3” serve as the most violent and violent angry tracks on the tape. While “SKT 3” plays deep into a Mobb Deep esque New York violence, filled with wordplay about gunshots and various ways to get rich, “Still Tired” is a deeper, more complex and ambiguous violence. It’s easy to tell that Jxylen is burning in quiet fury from anger he cannot remove from his soul. There is no content, and from this realization comes further anger at the world. He “hides [his] feelings” when boils into even more violence.

“Alive!” is easily the most interesting track of the tape. It’s a soulful and bold song filled with odd and almost childlike delivery on the chorus. While the lyrics touch less surface level than the other tracks, it’s not meant to be much more than a braggadocious rap that portrays Jxylen’s ego as larger than ever within the pits of his anger. Jxylen flows fluidly as the beat switch’s and he comes to grips with “artists dickriding… eternal hate… and creating something timeless.” It’s a second verse filled with substance crammed into barely 40 seconds on the ending of the track that very well captures the sentiment of Jxylen’s very artistic being, and shows his best strengths in writing and delivery.



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