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Fusion100: A Lifestyle Clothing Brand

Lifestyle Clothing Brand in Maryland 

Launching a business while being a college student is not easy. Ilan Orgel, a Finance major at University of Maryland, talks about how he’s been able to balance his social life, school work and business throughout his sophomore year of college. He dedicates several hours a day to create content, make sales and network through his instagram Page. On days where he has exams and more school work, Orgel limits the amount of time that he spends working on his business. When asked what advice he can give to people seeking to create a business, he says, “ It is important to be  organized with your work, have a vision, and be willing to make sacrifices.”

Orgel has had a love for entrepreneurship from a young age. He bought and resold shoes from the ages of 13-16. He looks up to entrepreneur and businessman Gary Vaynerchuk and views his videos to remain motivated.

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He created his clothing company Fusion100 in the summer of 2019. The name stems from his passion and connection with the number 100. He says, “In order to be successful and reach your goals, you have to give 100 percent in any task that you’re working on.” The mission of Fusion100 is to inspire people to become the best version of themselves. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and are unique in their own way. Orgel emphasizes, “Sometimes you have to focus on yourself and try to reach your fullest potential instead of trying to be better than the person standing next to you.”

In June 2019, he began spreading awareness of the brand by selling the first 50 T-Shirts to his friends and people he knew. He has used his personal page to advertise new releases and news about his company. Nowadays, most of his sales come from instagram users that he does not personally know. He began by using manufacturers in New York City. He quickly came to a realization that the manufacturers were too expensive and the margin of profit was not high enough. Therefore, he started working with manufacturers overseas as the margins were way more beneficial for his business. Orgel continues to work with them today and hopes to establish more connections in the fashion and manufacturing business.

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