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Get To Know Atlanta Best Artist DreamRich DreMo

DreamRich DreMo is one of Atlanta’s best artist prospects. Born in Fayetteville, NC, and raised in Columbia, SC, the young artist has continued to drop new music along with hot new visuals during 2019, and into 2022. DreamRich DreMo is becoming a game-changing artist as his Atlanta roots and sky-high goals bring him to the top. Throughout his time in high school, DreamRich DreMo preferred smoking weed and writing music.

His passion for music was inherent as far back as his time with his late grandfather, who was best friends with David Ruffin of The Temptations. Before Ruffin’s passing, he became Godfather to DreamRich DreMo’s first aunt. Despite their personal struggles, DreamRich DreMo consistently recognized and appreciated his mother’s love for family; more specifically uplifting her family every chance she had and working to end the cycle of poverty. Quickly, DreamRich DreMo realized his mother would do anything to make his and their lives better.


In contrast, DreamRich DreMo experienced a home invasion from some of those closest to him. With convincing from a longtime friend and now business partner, DreamRich DreMo made the decision to pack up everything and move to Atlanta, GA. There, DreamRich DreMo connected and worked with up-and-coming artists, further perfecting his craft. DreamRich DreMo’s sound, his vibe, and his truth are now his passion.

Last summer, uprising DreamRich DreMo linked up with Davis Chris and Mr. Foster for their compilation “Next Up,” which accumulated over a million streams and became a huge success. Now, DreMo seizes his moment in the spotlight with the release of his new single, titled “Walk.” A visual for the single is out now.


Produced by Zey Antonio, the new single is an upbeat track potentially made to become one of the year’s biggest clubs. And with guest Bri Biase adding a catchy perspective, DreMo hits the dance floor doing his two-step. On the song’s conception, he explains in the press release:


I was tryna to make something upbeat, something focused more towards the club audience,” said DreamRich DreMo.

DreamRich DreMo plans to give his fans and listeners a better inside look at how he perceives himself and the world as he sees it today. He intends to deepen his connection with his fans from this inside look and create a strong fan base moving forward.


DreamRich DreMo working diligently to make this project “Walk” something special that will stay with his fans for a long time. With just less than a year’s worth of music experience,  he sets the bar high for himself moving forward. Stay tuned as DreamRich DreMo aims of being a well-known artist a reality in 2022; you won’t be disappointed.

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A Candid Conversation with Mr. FoW: On Creativity, Community, and the Challenges of the Music Industry

Mr. FoW, the Nigerian-American neo-contemporary artist, and entrepreneur, is a force to be reckoned with. He’s not just making waves in the music scene with his unique blend of hip-hop and R&B, but he’s also a recognized voice in the tech industry, sharing his insights on the future of work. Join us as we sit down with Mr. FoW for a candid conversation about his music, his entrepreneurial journey, and his passion for making a positive impact on the world.

Q: Mr. FoW, I’m curious, how does being Nigerian-American shape your music?

Mr. FoW: Being Nigerian-American is a huge part of who I am. It’s like a colorful thread woven through my music. You’ll hear it in the rhythms, the melodies, and even in some of the stories I tell. My parents always made sure we were connected to our roots, so that definitely comes through. It’s not just about the sound, though; it’s also about the values and perspectives I bring to the table.


Q: Have you faced any unique challenges or maybe even opportunities because of your background?

Mr. FoW: Definitely. Sometimes people try to put me in a box, like they expect a certain sound from a Nigerian-American artist. But I’m all about breaking those molds. I want to show the world that we can be complex, multi-dimensional, and defy expectations. At the same time, being part of two cultures gives me a wider lens to view the world and a richer well of experiences to draw from. It’s a balancing act, but it definitely enriches my music and my life.

Q: We’d love to know what your creative process is like, where do your ideas come from?

Mr. FoW: Honestly, inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime! It could be a conversation I overhear, a random thought on my morning run, or even a dream. I always have my phone handy to jot down lyrics or melodies as they pop into my head. Sometimes I’ll just start messing around with beats or sounds on my laptop, and the ideas kind of flow from there.


Q: Speaking of creative flow, “mDNA (ft. Duchess)” is a dope track! Working with the Duchess on that must have been awesome. What’s your take on collaborations in general?

Mr. FoW: Thanks, I’m really proud of how “mDNA” turned out. And yeah, Duchess is incredibly talented; working with her was a blast. As for collaborations in general, I love them! It’s always exciting to see what happens when you bring different creative energies together. It can spark new ideas, push you out of your comfort zone, and create something truly unique.

Q: Okay, so, we’ve been talking about your latest track and your overall vibe. But how has your music evolved over time? Have your early stuff and what you’re doing now changed much?

Mr. FoW: Well, my early stuff was a lot more experimental, I was still finding my sound, you know? I was trying out different genres, playing with different instruments and production styles. It was a fun time of exploration and discovery. But as I’ve grown as an artist, my music has definitely matured. I’ve honed in on my signature blend of hip-hop and R&B, and my lyrics have become more personal and introspective.


Q: Mr. FoW, everyone gets stuck sometimes. What do you do when you hit a creative block?

Mr. FoW: When that happens, I try to step away from the music for a bit. Sometimes, just taking a break and doing something completely unrelated can help clear my head and refresh my perspective.

Q: Have there been any major hurdles you’ve had to overcome in your career?

Mr. FoW: For sure! There have been times when I’ve questioned everything, doubted myself, and felt like giving up. I’ve had shows with hardly anyone in the crowd, faced rejection from labels, and dealt with the disappointment of projects not taking off as I’d hoped. It’s tough, man, but it’s all part of the journey.


Q: How did you get through those tough times? What kept you going?

Mr. FoW: Honestly, it’s a combination of things. I’ve got an amazing support system—family, friends, and mentors—who always have my back. They remind me of my strengths and encourage me to keep pushing forward. But I also think it comes down to having a strong sense of purpose. I know that my music has the power to connect with people and make a difference, and that’s what keeps me going even when things get tough.

Q: Mr. FoW, you’re not just making waves in music and business, you’re also using your platform to talk about important stuff like mental health. Why is giving back to the community so important to you?

Mr. FoW: You know, I’ve been blessed with this platform, and I feel a responsibility to use it for good. We all go through tough times, and for a long time, there’s been a stigma around talking about mental health struggles. I want to change that. It’s okay to not be okay, and it’s even more okay to seek help. If I can use my voice to encourage even one person to reach out for support, that’s a win in my book.


Q: Besides mental health, are there any other causes or issues you’re passionate about?

A: Absolutely! Education is a big one for me. I believe every kid deserves access to a quality education, no matter their background. I also care deeply about social justice and equality. We’ve got a long way to go, but I believe we can create a more just and equitable world if we all do our part. I try to use my music and my platform to shed light on these issues and hopefully inspire others to take action.

Q: Mr. FoW, this has been awesome! But before we wrap up, I have to ask, what’s next for you?

Mr. FoW: Honestly, I’m just getting started! I’ve got a ton of new music in the works and some exciting collaborations brewing, and I’m always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible. But beyond the music, I’m really passionate about building a legacy that goes beyond just hits and streams. I want to create something that inspires and empowers people for generations to come.

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Artist Spotlight

“Wilted Flowers” by Randy Beth blossoms with soulful resilience

Randy Beth

From the moment “Wilted Flowers” begins, Randy Beth’s latest single is a sonic triumph that beautifully marries soulful vocals with profoundly personal storytelling. As a queer artist based in New York, Beth delves into her journey of self-discovery, resilience, and rebirth in this, her 5th single. The song encapsulates the unrefined essence of strength after letting go and finding beauty on the other side of pain, resonating strongly with themes of rediscovering oneself amidst loss.

Beth possesses a commanding vocal presence that effortlessly captures the audience’s attention. Her expressive delivery establishes a deep emotional connection with the listeners, drawing them into her storytelling with an irresistible allure. The song’s evocative lyrics, brimming with vivid imagery, delve into the anguish of letting go and the subsequent rebirth that follows. Phrases such as “In the garden of my scars, new blooms arise” encapsulate the song’s heart, rendering it both a personal anthem and a universal truth.


The craftsmanship of “Wilted Flowers” is truly remarkable, seamlessly merging a sophisticated yet intimate quality. Produced at Lucky Cat Studios and meticulously brought to fruition by the exceptionally talented TK the Architect, the track’s sonic landscape embodies both richness and precision. Each musical note and rhythm is flawlessly fashioned, harmoniously complementing Randy Beth’s vocals without overshadowing them, thus creating an immersive auditory encounter that is simultaneously soothing and emotive. The evocative instrumental backdrop fluidly swells and diminishes in perfect accord with the song’s emotional nuances.


Lyrically, “Wilted Flowers” is a masterclass in storytelling and a sonic adventure of healing. Its triumphant message speaks to the universal experience of growth and renewal, making it a relatable and uplifting anthem, so it’s a valuable addition to any playlist. For enthusiasts of soulful, introspective music, this single is a must-listen. “Wilted Flowers” proves that the most beautiful blooms sometimes emerge from the most wilted petals.

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