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Grace McLean unveils her newest album, “My Lovely Enemy”

Renowned for her boundary-pushing artistry and evocative performances, Grace McLean, the multifaceted singer-songwriter and acclaimed Broadway performer, has released her latest album, “My Lovely Enemy.” McLean, whose style is often compared to musical innovators like St. Vincent, Björk, and Tune-Yards, delivers an intellectually stimulating and emotionally compelling album.

My Lovely Enemy” is a 9-track musical odyssey produced and recorded by the versatile Justin Goldner. It was mixed by the acclaimed Jack DeBoe (Jean Baptiste, Tyler the Creator, Yebba) and mastered by the legendary Blake Morgan (Lenny Kravitz, Lesley Gore, Janita). The album promises a rich tapestry of sound that merges complex musicality with raw emotional depth, reflecting McLean’s journey through a tumultuous post-breakup era.


Currently starring as President Woodrow Wilson in the Broadway production of ‘SUFFS,’ McLean brings a dramatic flair to her songwriting, earning accolades for her musically intricate and intimately abstract style. Her previous work, including the award-winning musical “In The Green,” showcases her prowess as a performer and a storyteller, a duality that shines brightly in “My Lovely Enemy.”


The album starts with the title track, “My Lovely Enemy,” which sets the stage with infectious rhythms leading seamlessly into the soul-stirring second track, “Reckless,” followed by the hauntingly beautiful third track, “Albertine.” Tracks like “Day Satisfaction” and “Gazelle” highlight McLean’s ability to effortlessly traverse genres, while the enchanting finale, “Everybody Loves,” leaves listeners yearning for its ode to love and longing.

Grace McLean’s most recent endeavor exemplifies her meticulous attention to detail and fervor for artistic expression. Each track on “My Lovely Enemy” beckons audiences into a realm of glistening melodies and contemplative lyrics, establishing itself as essential listening for those pursuing a profound musical journey. The album “My Lovely Enemy” constitutes a noteworthy contribution to the music sphere, captivating listeners with its intricate layers and genuine emotional profundity. It offers a chance to witness Grace McLean’s musical evolution, destined to leave a lasting impression on its audience.



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Album Review

California King unveils its new rock album with “The Last Lovers”


California King, a Brooklyn-based band, has recently launched their new album, “The Last Lovers,” which features 10 tracks that defy genre boundaries. The group, deeply influenced by the Brooklyn Rock scene, has established itself as a critical figure in the Black Rock movement by blending rock, soul, and Afro-Punk elements to create a unique musical fusion.

The Last Lovers” was recorded at a studio in Flatbush, Brooklyn, and is the brainchild of Mike Mills, the vocalist, guitarist, writer, producer, recording engineer, and album mixer. The album explores the theme of love in various forms, from lost to found, spanning from the energetic rhythms of the opening track, “The Last Lovers,” to the emotive anthem “Something Human” and the haunting “I Think I Like You,” showcasing California King’s emotional depth and artistic prowess.


The album’s lead single, “The Last Lovers,” was conceptualized during the pandemic, capturing the essence of individuals coming together against societal challenges. This track sets the tone for the album as a celebration of unwavering love during difficult times. Notable tracks include “My Desert Heart,” a poignant reflection on yearning, and “Mandala,” an ode to the complex dynamics of love and desire. The album concludes with “Roses,” an advanced single embodying the perseverance required for nurturing enduring relationships.


California King, consisting of Mike Mills, Howard Alper on drums, Ernest G. D’Amaso on bass and backing vocals, and Asim Barnes on guitar, brings their diverse influences to life, drawing inspiration from the likes of Howling Wolf, Jimi Hendrix, and The Black Keys. Their previous performances at prestigious venues such as the Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Whitney Museum, and Afro-Punk events have solidified their image as a vibrant group with a distinct, fiercely DIY ethos.

The Last Lovers” is a valuable addition to any music collection, offering an essential listen for enthusiasts seeking introspective charm combined with rock and soul swagger. Each track invites listeners into a rich soundscape of shimmering melodies and evocative whispers, culminating in a profoundly immersive sonic experience.



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Artist Spotlight

“Venus” by Leonie Sherif delivers a sonic sensory symphony of feminine energy

Leonie Sherif

VENUS,” the latest release by Leonie Sherif, is a rich representation of a harmonious fusion of auditory and aromatic elements. This innovative symphony transports listeners to a realm of opulence and femininity. Produced by SENSE’N’SHERIF Music, this composition offers a sonic experience that pairs seamlessly with her new fragrance from the esteemed Sense’N’ by Sherif. As an East London/Essex-born singer-songwriter, Sherif has fashioned a lush, atmospheric anthem that exudes the ultimate feminine energy.


With “VENUS,” Sherif demonstrates her self-taught production skills, creating a dreamy and sensual soundscape characterized by ethereal rhythms, catchy melodies, and angelic harmonies. The meticulous attention to detail and intimate home studio recordings, refined with skilled engineers, reveal a deep understanding of atmospheric textures. The track’s lush production and seductive beats mirror the luxurious essence of Sherif’s perfume, embodying her scent in a sonic experience.

The lyrics are an anthem celebration of feminine energy, advocating empowerment and luxury in a way that feels both personal and universal. “VENUS” offers an olfactory journey, evoking sophisticated notes through the speakers, demonstrating Sherif’s talent and artistry.


Sherif’s unwavering dedication to her craft is evident in every facet of “VENUS.” This track underscores her adeptness in merging her love for music and fragrance as a producer and songwriter, showcasing her innovative approach to both. This quintessential feminine anthem is a must-listen, offering a fresh, sensory experience that’s both unique and utterly captivating. Incorporating “VENUS” into your playlist will infuse it with a touch of luxury and a dash of audaciousness.



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