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Greatest Hip-Hop Ad-Libs of the Soundcloud Era

Within hip-hop, there are definitive eras in which new styles are introduced along with new artists to carry on this expression. One of the more recent waves in hip-hop is SoundCloud rap, defined by artists packing on ad-libs, mixing in other genres, raw energy, fast flows that blend into each other, lo-fi recording and more. When SoundCloud rappers start making a name for themselves and building a cult fan base, their fans started to embrace everything about them—stye, cadence and even down to their ad-libs.

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Here, HONK highlights some of the best ad-libs from the SoundCloud rap era. The mid-2010s changing of the guard had young acts uploading new songs and blowing up, nearly overnight. While the production and lyrics resonated with fans so did the inimitable ad-libs. Some of which have been copied by other artists, but the most popular always get the shine.


As SoundCloud rap grew even more popular in 2015, the “Aye” ad-lib was everywhere thanks to one of its most proficient users, the late XXXTentacion. The Florida rapper used it often on one of his biggest songs ever, the boisterous “Look At Me.” While he wasn’t the first, X was one of the artists who definitely stood out with it and made “Aye” his own as a result of his off-kilter flows and huge popularity.



There are also plenty of ad-libs that are unique to a rapper. No one says “On God!” like 21 Savage does; it’s become a part of his style and punctuates his lines well. Lil Uzi Vert’s “Let’s go!” is funny, as he comes off as impressed by how well he’s rhyming when he uses it. Lil Yachty’s “Lil Boat!” and Famous Dex’s “Dexter!” are their calling cards, using their ad-libs to announce their presence every time.

Check out the greatest hip-hop ad-libs of the SoundCloud era. From Lil Uzi Vert to Playboi Carti and more, your favorites are all here.

  • “Beep!”

    Playboi Carti

  • “Eskeetit!”

    Lil Pump

  • “Let’s go!”

    Lil Uzi Vert

  • “Waterrr!,” “Wet!”

    Ski Mask The Slump God

  • “Lil Purpp!”


  • “Lil Boat!”

    Lil Yachty

  • “Aye!”


  • “Money so long!”

    Yung Bans

  • “Dig!”


  • “Who?”

    Xavier Wulf

  • Trippie Redd

    “Big 14!”

  • “Scum Gang!”


  • “Gang!”

    YBN Nahmir

  • “Dexter!”

    Famous Dex

  • “Boom!”


  • “Gang!”


  • “On God!”

    21 Savage

  • “Igh!”

    Chance The Rapper

  • “Eh,” “Yuh”


  • “Geh, geh, geh!,” “Drrraaaah!”



Keyshia Cole’s Instagram Drama, Reactivation Sparks Firestorm Over Hunxho’s Steamy Shots with Gloss Up

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole’s Instagram Drama, Reactivation Sparks Firestorm Over Hunxho’s Steamy Shots with Gloss Up

Keyshia Cole‘s Instagram hiatus was short-lived, but the drama it stirred certainly wasn’t. The R&B star recently made waves by deactivating and then reactivating her account, all to address the sizzling controversy surrounding her boyfriend, Hunxho, and Gloss Up’s latest collaboration.


Earlier today, Gloss Up dropped the music video for their joint track “Come Here,” sending fans into a frenzy. But while the audience was grooving to the beat, Keyshia Cole was feeling anything but love. The video showcased Gloss Up and Hunxho in intimate scenes, from twerking to bathtub hangs, raising eyebrows especially since Cole and Hunxho only recently went public with their relationship.

In a swift social media move, Cole briefly disappeared from Instagram, prompting speculation. But Gloss Up’s subsequent posts, featuring cozy shots with Hunxho and suggestive captions, sparked Cole’s reactivation and a fiery clapback.


“Him playing the ‘sneaky link’ while I’m here thinking marriage? That’s just low,” Cole exclaimed, punctuating her response with laughter. Despite her disappointment, she extended well wishes to Gloss Up’s project, albeit with a hint of sarcasm.

The timeline of the photos remains a point of contention, with Cole asserting they were taken pre-relationship. Yet, Gloss Up’s persistent taunting on social media, including retweets hinting at a prior connection with Hunxho, keeps the tension alive.


As the internet buzzes with opinions on Gloss Up’s video and Cole’s candid reaction, Hunxho himself has remained relatively silent, save for a cryptic tweet. The drama continues to unfold, leaving fans eager for more updates.

What’s your take on Gloss Up’s provocative video and Cole’s unfiltered response? Join the conversation below, and stay tuned to Honk Magazine for the latest developments.

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Benzino and Jacksonville Rapper Natalac Announce Drop Date for “Trending Topic”

Hey music lovers!

We’ve got some exciting news that you’ve all been waiting for! The highly anticipated new single, “Trending Topic”, will be dropping on all your favorite streaming platforms on April 12, 2024. So, mark your calendars because you wouldn’t want to miss the debut of this promising track!


Straight from Jacksonville, Florida, Natalac, our beloved rapper and the CEO of Natalac Records and Natalac Express, is all set to release this brand new single. The exciting part? This upcoming single will be featuring none other than the entrepreneur, TV personality, and rapper, Benzino!

Remember when Benzino made waves in the hip hop and rap world with his release “Rap Elvis”, an Eminem diss? Our very own Natalac, draped in white mink, was a part of the single’s official video, filmed in Detroit. And it’s not the first time Natalac and Benzino have joined forces. They previously collaborated on projects like “Run Tell That” from the ‘Love & Pimp-Hop’ album by Natalac, which was released back in 2021.


This time, they’re back with “Trending Topic”, their latest collaboration. The official video for this single, filmed in Detroit, will also see Bo$$ Money in the mix. Fans can expect to find “Trending Topic” in the upcoming Natalac album, ‘Return of Goldie’.

Natalac’s illustrious career in music spans over two decades. Remember his voter’s rights single “Fire in Florida”? It was so impactful that it caught the attention of the NAACP “Get Your Vote On” tour for the 2000 Presidential election. Since then, he’s been consistently releasing albums and working on numerous projects. One of his memorable works includes the 2012 ‘Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 183’ with Wyclef Jean, Young Jeezy, Mary J. Blige, Ludacris and several more that followed. Currently, Natalac is signed with his own label Natalac Records.


Natalac’s charisma, talent, and raw perspective have earned him billions of views online. He’s also known for his character A Pimp Named Slickback, featured on Adult Swim’s ‘The Boondocks’.

So, on April 12, 2024, all fans and followers of Natalac and Benzino, get ready to tune in to “Trending Topic” as it makes its digital debut. Want to learn more about Natalac? Visit or Google Natalac at


ABOUT NATALAC: Natalac is a rapper based in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s the CEO of Natalac Express and Natalac Records. Find out more about him on,,, and

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