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Interview With Native New Jersey Soul Singer-Songwriter EM

Meet Em, a native New Jersey singer-songwriter whose musical quest began with childhood inspiration. Iconic retro pop influences, a soulful voice, and sensual flair — she weaves intense memories of her emotional past into every lyric and melody.

Hello Em, welcome to Honk Magazine!

Hello. Thank you for having me!

How is your artist-music persona Em differentiated from the normal Em who is not creating?

I have to say not much.. I consider myself fairly truthful and authentic in nature.. Romantic.. Dreamer.. Confident.. Sensual.. An old soul who is all about peace around her and giving it.. I love to uplift and care.. I feel they are the same maybe just in music.. I get to live out my fantasies more and revel in the overindulgent feelings of passion and wholeness.. When I’m singing, that is the only time I can fully transcend.. It’s like out of body and completely spiritual.

Your music is very emotional and lyrically poetic, where that comes from? Is it from your personal experience?

Thank you, I appreciate that a ton. I am genuinely a writer and believe in writing from my heart so anything that comes from the Divine to my spirit is truthful even if I have yet to fully experience it.. The songs from this album were written as I was going through it.

You have recently dropped visuals for your single, ‘Say What You Mean,’ – how did you come up with the scenario? It’s really magical! Are you planning on releasing any new music videos?

Yes, there is the music video for Say What You Mean and visual art created as well from a beautiful artist Lisbeth I worked with. In regards to the music video, Parris Mayhew and I worked together wanting to depict a melancholy yet cleansing aesthetic.. We really wanted to tell the story as this was so cinematic and was just a pouring out of emotion. Em walking around her empty apartment awaiting her lovers return.. As she sees her own reflection in the raindrops ( symbolizing teardrops as well) Realizing it just isn’t the same and either is she.. She transcends that hurt into this soulful confident woman(the woman in the gown).. And a cleansing happens… If you listen to the record, you can hear the sound of rain and its very prevalent in the bridge part with the harmonious oohs and ahhs.. I wanted to show the facets of going through a grieving stage to strength… It was a very divine feminine depiction of trying to reach her male counterpart but realizing the power lies within her.. How she reacts to the situation determines how she will be from then on.. Setting her boundary- her line in the sand for anyone who will enter in the future- “say what you mean when you’re talking to me” I felt Parris did a very beautiful job of conveying the message.. He brought the idea to life truly.

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Ah yes! Im working on an animated video for Blue Light.. Since my concepts were a little out there and hard to replicate in the 3D.. Im taking it to where it is about a plane of higher consciousness and past life love affairs.. I cannot wait to reveal the different beautiful interpretations of Blue Light!

You’ve started a new project called Podcast EMpathy, can you tell us a little bit about that?

Yes, it’s a Youtube Series and I might bring some over to IGTV as well. It’s titled, EMpathy with Em as I pick something that I reside with at the time whether it be a song, lyrics, an experience or oracle cards with uplifting messages. In other words, I’ll cover a song that I resonate with from the heart, pull angel cards with messages we all need to hear from the Divine and angels, lyrics that made me resonate with the artist’s feelings or even an experience where it made me enter that person’s shoes whether it be funny, painful or just relatable.

We are all currently facing a very difficult and uncertain time. How the pandemic and lockdown influenced your artistic process?

It’s funny you say that because while I’ve been quarantined for a solid six weeks.. The first month I was accepting because I know this is part of a bigger plan and cleansing.. And I trust G-d.. but obviously, the human in me can get impatient and nervous.. And I pray for those feeling pain.. I want to be able to get out there but I am still creating.. constantly.. Whether it be this EMpathy with Em project, the Blue Light project or even the project I just did with my dear artist and friend who goes by the name SheWhoIs where we creatively designed each song of the album inspired by tarot cards.

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What’s next for you in the upcoming year? Are you working on any new singles?

Hopefully, I get out there and perform this new music! I want to tour and find a creative team that suits me and my mission in life. Right now, still working on this set of songs to give it everything I can creatively and when G-d brings me the right people in my life, then it will be time to start a new chapter.. Still working on closing this one out as I gave it six months in Woodstock and there are still 7 other songs we did previously that I plan on releasing sooner or later.. I have big plans but it’s on Divine Timing.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I think we just about covered everything! Look out for my tarot series on Instagram created with SheWhoIs and I try to release an episode on my Youtube of EMpathy with Em every sunday or every other Sunday at 6pm EST. Thank you so much for having me.

More about Em: Instagram & YouTube