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Jamie Sanchez – Turn Up (Vidéo Clip)

Artist born in Italy in 1986, Jamie Sanchez is a man with multiple and diverse influences. Italian-American by his father, Spanish-Algerian by his mother, he shared his childhood between the USA, Italy, and France. An influence that is still felt today in his music. Indeed, very young, Jamie Sanchez develops the taste of writing, the taste of rapping.

His style is perfected and the artist makes us discover his universe in English, French and Italian. His music interests and very quickly, Jamie Sanchez integrates various groups, like the JUGGAKNOTTZ or the Universal ZULU NATION. His career will know a first big turn, with the creation of the duo The Armi, in collaboration with Bee Ay. His career continues and the flow of Jamie Sanchez continues to talk, interesting big names in music. Which opens many doors.

In February 2020, released “No Joke”, the first track of his first mixtape, composed of 4 songs. This single, whose clip is visible on YouTube, is a real success with more than 2.5 million views to date. A clever mix of festive and slightly darker sounds, carried by a rapper at the top of his form. Today it’s with his new single “TURN UP”, ideal for urban and sunny playlists that Jamie Sanchez is preparing to present his first album which should be released in early 2022.

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