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Joey Bada$$ Reacts To Joe Rogan Interview: “Kanye West Is My Hero”

Kanye West is one of the most outspoken people in the entire world. In our recent cover story with Gunna, the YSL Records rapper said that he strives to be more like the Presidential candidate in certain areas of his life.

“I feel like, god damn one of these days and ages and times, I’m gonna just start being more outspoken about everything that I really think about, but I ain’t gon’ do it if I don’t feel comfortable. You know, like, god damn Kanye, he’s like a spokesperson,” said Gunna. “He’ll say some shit at the right time at the right moment.”

That much is absolutely true about Kanye. 

During his recent podcast appearance with Joe Rogan, Kanye spoke for three hours about his politics, the “a-word”, his plans to buy Universal Music Group, and more. His conversation with Rogan, while mostly one-sided with Kanye dominating the talk, was incredibly eye-opening into Kanye’s character and the values that he holds. 

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In recent months, Kanye has not had the same support as he did throughout the majority of his career but, still, people are tuning into his every move. Joey Bada$$ seemingly watched the multi-billionaire’s chat with Joe Rogan and realized that he too, like Gunna, wants to be more like Kanye.

“Kanye West is my hero,” wrote the New York rapper on Twitter.

People are divided on his tweet. Some people are asking him why and how he could support such a problematic person. Others are agreeing with him.

Where do you stand on Kanye West in 2020 and did his Joe Rogan podcast appearance change your view of him?


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