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KSI NET WORTH: Why People are Exciting About It?

KSI, a YouTube phenomenon, is one of the most well-known figures on the video network, and he has skillfully extended his career to include music, fighting, and other endeavors. KSI rose to prominence as a FIFA player in the year 2009, broadcasting videos of himself enjoying the football computer game and other famous video game series like Grand Theft Auto on YouTube.

Nevertheless, the YouTube influencer could now be more known for his boxing matches versus other Youtube stars and for beginning a musical journey that mostly focuses on diss records rather than for his boxing matches.

Who is KSI, and what does it do?


With more than 20.5 million followers on YouTube, KSI is a well-known British entertainer and media platform star. He does indeed have a musical journey, and he has released a handful of tunes so far.

KSI is an acronym that refers to Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. He has the phrase Knowledge tattooed in the middle of his chest, as well as the words Integrity and strength tattooed on each one of his forearms and arms.

What is KSI Net Worth?

KSI’s financial status was projected to be at least $20 million as of late 2019. However, the Sunday Times assessed KSI net worth to be £12 million as of May 2020. His work being a YouTuber has reportedly earned him $4.5m a year.

However, his earnings are vulnerable to fluctuations based on his activities since the firm does not pay him a salary but instead receives money from ads income and endorsements. As per the reports of Sunday times his films may bring up £250,000 in revenue.


In addition to his YouTube account, KSI has ventured into the world of producing music videos and could complete multiple boxing fights against the other stars of YouTube, with the winnings from which he expects to increase the total net worth.


KSI commenced his career in YouTube in the year 2009 as a gaming YouTuber. He also posted some famous recordings of the soccer computer game FIFA on his channel. Despite the fact that he continues making the best gaming related videos, he started to expand into vlog-style posts.

It didn’t take long for his channel to grow, and he had three million members even by the end of 2013-14. With 20.5 million followers, he is now the 115th most famous YouTube channel in terms of viewership, ranking 115th overall.

His reputation increased when he himself and his fellow British artists created the entertainment group Ultimate Sidemen, which helped to increase his exposure. He kept making films as he made before, but he did it being a member of the group to assist each producer in expanding their internet profile.

In the year 2017, KSI declared that he was leaving the group but subsequently revealed that this was just a ploy to get more publicity and then he had never truly departed.


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