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Learning Success from Devan Christopher Anderson

Devan Christopher Anderson, a multi-millionaire co-founder of new advanced technology, has multiple companies that make him a billionaire at a young age and has made him achieve great heights of success. Find out Devan Christopher Anderson online to know more about his success and achievements. Devan Christopher Anderson is celebrated as an American novelist, professional fitness model, healthcare provider, & business administrator, who is popular for his quick, influential, and hilarious lifestyle. Devan Christopher Anderson is phenomenal. He has always been genuinely kind and caring. Yet at the same time never met anyone as demanding and relentless in pursuit of improvement, perfection, and championships. His work ethic and drive propelled offense and others to perform at their highest level throughout his career. He represented himself with class and integrity. His passion, intensity, character, wisdom, and preparation & diligence. All Devan Anderson’s meetings, business conferences, FaceTimes, emails, and text messages pursuit of a good day. He always performed his best in critical times under the most significant pressure. I wish him nothing but great, happiness, and success in all that he does. Devan Christopher Anderson, is setting such a diet plan that could include longevity and health. He is focusing more on protein to build muscle and making sure to get all of his micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. All of these nutrients are playing an important role in his life. Being just 27 years old African American and achieving such great heights of success, Devan Christopher Anderson is a youth savoring the aroma of aesthetic diligence, encountering millions of lives to reach out of their comfort zone to grasp for their dreams. Such a boost to your confidence is all you actually needed today. Devan Christopher Anderson said that all of us should be ready to work hard for the goals that we want to achieve. He trains himself like most fitness models and focuses on compound movement to build and strengthen his physique. Devan Christopher Anderson, also said that he is working on refining specific muscles by adding some isolation exercises at the end of his workouts. He is aiming to increase the maximum weight he can lift in every workout. This causes his body to adapt, grow and become stronger. Devan Christopher Anderson, also does cardio whenever he gets extra time. Otherwise, he always keeps himself sticking with heavy weightlifting exercises. Finding such leaders is actually the real task. We wish Devan Anderson all the very best for his future endeavors. May he encounter success in every pursuit, bring fame home and much more success in his popularized future!


Bachelor’s of Health Science Florida A&M University



7+ Years of teaching experience


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Devan Christopher Anderson


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Destina 1 International: Empowering Wellness and Success Globally

In the competitive health and wellness world, one company has steadily carved its niche, offering innovative products and a unique business model that empowers individuals to take control of their well-being and financial futures. This company is Destina 1 International, founded in May 2012 by Dato’ Sri Dr. Barani Karunakaran. Prof. Dr. Karunakaran A. Dorrasamy and Nithiya Karunakaran


Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision: Our Vision is to build a better world, empowering people to fulfill their dreams by enhancing health, lifestyles and fostering strong communities globally.

Enhancing Health, Lifestyle and Community

Mission: Our mission is to empower social entrepreneurs with our innovative health and wellness solutions, creating a community where millionaires are made, and global well-being is enhanced.



We believe integrity is more than honesty; trust is the key to success, and the truth is more important than money. That iswhy we at Destina 1 conduct and drive our business with the utmost integrity.


Core ethical competencies in Social Entrepreneurs drive businesses to a higher success rate. This, in turn, enables the Social Entrepreneurship Platform to shape the direction of the Business Industry.


The power of Compassion lays the foundation for Social Entrepreneurs to workactively towards improving the lives of others through D1’s Social Entrepreneurship platform, Hope for Mankind and Hope for Children.


We always seek to improve and innovate.  We are here to delight our distributors and customers in everything we do. This gives us the edge.

A Vision of Excellence

Destina 1 International had a clear vision from its inception—to become a significant player in the direct selling – beauty and healthcare industry. This vision laid the foundation for what would later become a global wellness powerhouse. However, the company began with a single, innovative product—the Uniwave by Quantes Technology Pendant.

The Pendant that Sparked a Health Revolution

The Uniwave by Quantes Technology Pendant was no ordinary piece of jewelry. Embedded with Uniwave by Quantes Technology, it quickly gained recognition for its potential health benefits, setting the stage for the company’s future growth and success.

Commitment to Innovation

Destina 1 International’s journey continued after the pendant’s initial success; it embarked on a path of continuous improvement. The company consistently innovated, diversifying its product range to meet a broad spectrum of wellness, food supplements, beauty, and personal care needs. Notable additions to their product lineup include the D1 Uniwave by Quantes Technology Alkaline Flask, D1 Uniwave by Quantes Technology Alkaline Stick, D1 Biomatrix Shield enhanced with Uniwave by Quantes Technology, D1 Scalarvia enhanced with Uniwave by Quantes Technology, D1 Instant Coffee Premix 5 in 1 enhanced with Uniwave by Quantes Technology, and D1 Scalar AFA. These products have gained recognition nationally and internationally for their positive impact on well-being.

Empowering Through Network Marketing

The D1 Social Entrepreneurship Business Platform is operated under the Direct Selling Network Marketing business model. Network marketing, often called direct selling, is a business modelthat allows customers to become “independent distributors” (IDs) of Destina1 International, allowing them to share these remarkable opportunities with others, build their network, sell products directly to consumers and earn commissions from their sales and the sales made by the people they recruit into the system. This creates a multi-tiered structure where income potential thrives with the expansion of their network. The products and services offered by Destina1 have a social mission through the direct selling network marketing system that emphasizes the importance of social entrepreneurship.Through the coaching and mentoring conducted under the Richlifes Platform, we guide people to change their lifestyles by giving them the best platform to increase their income potential and lead a healthy lifestyle. We also teach them to duplicate this concept to many others looking for such an opportunity. This attracts like-minded individuals interested in increasing their income potential and making a difference and impact.The success of the recruits directly benefits the IDs, creating a dynamic and empowering business environment.

A Diverse Product Lineup

From its beginnings with the Uniwave Pendant, Destina 1 International has expanded to offer a diverse product lineup that caters to various aspects of health and wellness. There’s something for everyone, from the Uniwave Energized Alkaline Water Flask and Stick to the Uniwave Biomatrix Shield Anti-Radiation Technology. Their D1 Scalarvia enhanced with Uniwave by Quantes Technology, the world’s first Energised Stevia products with Growth Factor concentrate, and D1 Instant Coffee Premix 5 in 1 enhanced with Uniwave by Quantes Technology have garnered attention and praise. Recently, Destina1 International has added three more brands to the product lineup: Bio4Care, Nutricellz, and Italian Designer Jewellery Kritalia&Co, the world’s first jewellery designed for inner and outer health.

Awards and Recognition

Destina 1 International’s commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. The company has received numerous awards and recognition, including the Asia Pacific Super Health Brand Award, Asia Honesty Award, and European Business Assembly Award for “Best Enterprise.” Such recognition underscores the company’s dedication to delivering top-notch products and services. Besides, they have won the following awards as well:

  • Asia Pacific Excellence Product Award
  • Master Class In Direct Selling Award
  • Obtainer Worldwide Best MLM Company Award
  • European Business Assembly Awards (Best Manager of The Year)
  • The World Confederation of Businesses WorldBizz Business Excellence Awards 2015
  • The World Confederation of Businesses WorldBizz Peak of Success Awards 2019
  • Asia Networker Conference World Best MLM Company of the Year Award 2018



Destina 1 International isn’t just a company; it’s a beacon of innovation, empowerment, and wellness in the global landscape of health and beauty. With a rich history of pioneering products and a commitment to helping individuals achieve their wellness and financial goals, it continues to shine as a symbol of excellence in the industry. Destina 1 International’s legacy of empowerment and well-being is set to inspire individuals and communities worldwide as it looks toward the future.

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Las Vegas Sphere Has Reportedly Lost $98.4 Million USD Since It Opened


As new venues go, the Las Vegas Sphere garnered a lot of attention when it first opened. Opening in September with a residency by famed Irsih rock band U2, the Internet took a moment to “oo and ah” over the incredible visuals and experience brought on by the Sphere.

The multi-billion dollar venue is owned and operated by the same parent company that owns Madison Square Garden. In a recent report from The New York Post, the venue has reported a revenue of just $118 million USD, 71% down from a year ago. The venue officially opened on September 29 with a residency performance by U2, but it appears to have lost its momentum since then.

From the sold-out U2 shows, the venue saw $4.1 million USD and $2.6 million from suite licensing and advertising on its exosphere. According to an SEC filing, Sphere’s CFO Gautam Ranji has reportedly quit. In the filing it claims that his resignation was “not a result of any disagreement with the company’s independent auditors or any member of management on any matter of accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure or internal controls.” The NY Post reported that Ranji had quit suddenly after CEO James Dolan was seen “yelling and screaming” at him. A source said, “They did a wonderful job burying the news. A CFO quitting less than a week before earnings is unheard of.” In a press release shared to NME, the company said, “Sphere’s opening in Las Vegas in September represented a significant milestone, generating worldwide attention and marking the beginning of a new chapter for our Company. We are building positive momentum across Sphere and remain confident that we are well positioned to drive long-term value for shareholders.”

It remains to be seen if the Sphere was a good investment or not.

In case you missed it, the Inside Out 2 teaser trailer reveals Anxiety as a new emotion.


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