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Lululemon’s New Fitness Mirror Is Cheaper Than Your Monthly Gym Membership

The future of fitness is here. …

While at-home fitness has always been an appealing option—especially for those who work from home or simply don’t have the extra hours in the day to make the commute to and fro to the gym—but it’s never been as in-demand and frankly, as accessible as it today. Given that many gyms, fitness studios, and group exercise classes are still shut down due to tight social distancing restrictions—and may stay that way for the foreseeable future— virtual fitness and at-home workouts have never been more in demand.  Finding creative ways to stay active (let alone sane, TBH) when we’re stuck at home and unable to attend the gym or our favorite workout classes IRL has undoubtedly propelled the luxury at-home fitness equipment arena’s success within the past two years or so, with enhanced and premium fitness equipment like the coveted Peloton bike and its many competitors.

Alas, the future of fitness is here, folks, and fortunately, this budding sector of remote workout gear allows us to enjoy the perks of a boutique fitness studio from the comfort (and safety) of our living rooms while we’re all just tryin’ to do our best to adjust to the ever-pivoting “new normal.” One of the hottest new innovations in the luxury fitness category is brought to you by none other than Lululemon Athletica. The MIRROR is touted as “the world’s first nearly invisible gym,” which offers members a vast selection of customizable workouts, on-demand classes, and even one-on-one virtual personal training sessions via a super-futuristic reflective mirror-screen hybrid. This thing is literally next level.

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So just how does this marvelously avant-grade virtual workout mirror actually work? Basically, it’s the next best thing to having a real live fitness instructor because it allows you to seamlessly check your form by comparing yours to your instructor’s without interruption and get live feedback like you would in person. Mourning the loss of your favorite group spin class? MIRROR’s got thousands of live and on-demand classes to give you the sense of community—and perhaps a healthy dose of competition—to keep your motivation levels firmly in check. As evidenced by one glowing MIRROR member, “The Mirror provides constant feedback on the workout and how you are progressing through it. You feel like you are really in a class!”.

Aside from offering thousands of different workouts from HIIT training to yoga, it also monitors all of your stats to chart your progression, the MIRROR also comes with a slew of other upgraded features, including Bluetooth-powered heart rate monitoring, W-Fi-enabled music and fitness app synching, and real-time optimizations based on your preferences ~and~ performance. Plus, as a functional mirror when not in use, the sleek, minimalist-approved design won’t mar your chic home decor vibes like other bulky treadmills and exercise bikes.

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Courtesy of Lululemon.

Fancy features and stats aside, let’s get to the fine print, shall we? The price. While the physical mirror itself will set you back about $1,500, you’ll have to pay the monthly membership to reap the benefits of the MIRROR, which is an additional $39 a month. However, to help soften the blow, Lululemon ~is~ offering some pretty reasonable financing options, which can break down the price to about just $42 per month. If you think about how much you pay for your gym membership, let alone your pricey exercise classes, that’s actually pretty darn cheap.


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While I haven’t personally had a chance to use the MIRROR for a full workout class or 1:1 training session just yet, I have checked out the awesome device IRL, and let me tell you, it is seriously stellar. I’ve scoured through pages of member reviews, and frankly, I’m struggling to find one posting that the investment wasn’t worth the coin. Who knows when we’ll be allowed in the gym again, or heck, if we’ll even want to make that back-and-forth commute, now that we know that the MIRROR exists.

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How To Keep Your Car’s Interior Spotlessly Clean

Car’s Interior Spotlessly Clean

Most of us have a habit of taking our cars/vehicles to the carwash whenever it seems/feels dirty. Although the carwash might be efficient in cleaning your car’s exterior, it certainly doesn’t with your interior.   You can, however, take up the responsibility to keep your car clean by cleaning it every once in a while. Most people have a weekly cleaning routine for their homes and even their car’s exterior; why not do the same for the interior.

Under normal circumstances, your car is more likely to get dirty faster than your home. Aside from snacking and food particles falling all over the car, your dirty shoes will always soil the carpet and other parts under them. While vacuuming may help remove most of the dirt, it certainly doesn’t deep clean the carpets and seat undersides. The only way to keep it clean is to take your time to clean it as often as possible.

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According to experts, you should clean your car at least once every month. Christian Newman, the owner of C&J Automotive Detailing, notes that those who have a habit of snacking while driving and dogs/pets in the car should clean the car every other week. There’s thus a good chance you aren’t cleaning your car enough. Below are a few simple tips and steps from Mr Car Mats to keeping your car clean and hygienic.



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  1. Vacuum Everywhere

Although most of us will only vacuum the carpets, doing so pushes dirt and dust onto other parts, such as the seats, dashboard, and compartments. One way to prevent this is to vacuum every inch of the car’s interior. Start with the door panels, dashboard, and console, then finish with the carpets. Be sure to use a strong enough vacuum cleaner for the best results.

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  1. Open And Clean the Door Area

The door jamb is one of the most neglected areas in a car. While this may be the first part you will set your eyes on before getting in or out of the car, most people hardly vacuum or clean it. This could be because it requires a little more effort and attention. Nonetheless, use a cotton cloth or swab to polish the area mildly to remove any dirt trapped within. Consider oiling it to keep it moist too. Get more done with these tips.


  1. Use Vinyl Cleaner To Clean The Vinyl

The vinyl cleaner will come in handy in removing dirt from dusty or fingerprint-smudged dashboards and door insides. Start by wiping the dust off using a cotton cloth, then a microfiber cloth dabbed in the vinyl cleaner to wipe down any remaining dirt. Be sure to clean every part of the dashboard and the door, especially door pockets. Vacuum and declutter the door pockets first before doing this. Do not use the vinyl cleaner on the steering wheel.

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  1. Wash And Wipe Down the Windows

Dirt and dust may collect on your windows too. You should be able to notice the dirt when rolling the windows down. Giving the windows a good clean and then wiping them with a microfiber cloth can help remove any remaining dirt. Be sure to wipe the mirrors and door handles as well.


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9 Ways To Create The World’s Most Relaxing Bath

You’ve been busy all week, so what better way to energize yourself and recharge than by planning some Sunday me-time? It’s important to find a way to ease your stress and calm your worries, which is why a relaxing bath is just the cure! Turn your personal master bathroom into your own in-home spa with the following tips:

  1. Compile Your Bath Essentials

In order to make the most of your relaxing bath, you will need to compile all of the essentials such as scented candles, your favorite book, essential oils, and a block of luxurious bath soap. You can easily transform your bath water into swirling decadent honey by adding some Creme Brulee by Laura Mercier. For the ultimate relaxing experience try bath bombs from


  1. Drop Some Scented Oils

Give your bath an even more relaxing effect by dispensing some scented rose or lavender oils when your bath is half full. A great product I highly recommend trying is Nicolas Malleville’s Coqui Coqui which is an all-natural bathing oil that adds a touch of luxury.

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  1. Choose The Right Temperature

It’s important to make sure your bath is neither too hot nor too cold. You want to relax, but using water that’s scalding will make you feel dizzy, which is the opposite of what we want to achieve.



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  1. Choose Relaxing Music And Light Candles

There are some fantastic playlists readily available on Spotify to make your bath more relaxing. Try searching for terms such as calm, easy listening, or relaxing.


  1. Bring Indulgent Snacks

I personally prefer to sip chamomile or green tea, but bringing any kind of indulgent snack with you can help you unwind. For example, your favorite box of chocolate desserts and a good quality wine can help you blow off steam. Leave your snacks within reach, but don’t bring them too close to the tub where you may accidentally submerge them.

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  1. Tie Up Your Hair And Try A Face Mask

Nothing says spa-like tying up your long hair and letting yourself experience a moisturizing face mask. Personally, I highly recommend the masks by Glam Glow as they offer some high-quality products.


  1. Opt For Plush Towels And A Terry Bathrobe

Plush absorbent towels are the way to pamper yourself when getting out of your bath! Consider leaving your towel on or near your heater to make it warm while you’re in the bath. It’s also a good idea to keep a terry cloth bathrobe nearby or your pajamas ready to go when you get out of the tub.



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  1. Let Yourself Relax!

The point of this bath is to give yourself the adequate me-time that you deserve. Do something you love such as munching on chocolates, reading a book, flipping through your favorite magazine, or just calmly listening to music.

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  1. Take A Nap

After you’re out of your bath, why not keep the relaxation going by taking a short nap? Keep playing relaxing music and lay down to enjoy whatever is left of your day. You may even wish to warm a towel in the microwave to keep wrapped around your neck for comfort.

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