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Non-Sticky Lip Glosses For a Plumped-Up Pout

Whether you like a pigmented or crystal clear formula, we’ve rounded up the best lip glosses for luscious lips. …

Lip glosses have the unrivaled power to instantly enhance your lips, giving them a subtle shine and plumped-up effect. Unfortunately, many formulas are ridiculously sticky, making them kind of unbearable to wear—especially when it’s windy or you’re in the car. When looking for the best lip glosses to invest in, there are few factors you’ll want to look out for. First of all, you’ll want to consider the stick factor. You do want it to be tacky enough to stay put and resist transferring everywhere, but not too sticky that you can’t wait to wipe it off. Next up, you’ll want to consider the level of shine you’re personally after, as well as if you prefer a crystal clear look or a pigmented formula that delivers both color and shine.

Finally, you’ll want to find one that has decent staying power. While glosses are more prone to fading than lipsticks and matte liquid lipsticks, there are plenty of products that will stay on for several hours without requiring touchups. Regardless of whether you’re seeking a high-shine formula or a more subdued effect, we’ve rounded up some of the best lip glosses on the market.

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