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Pop singer-songwriter Sydney Lauren Flourishes In Self-Love With New Single “Maybe”

Pop singer-songwriter Sydney Lauren shares her perspective on messy, uncomfortable breakups — a situation everyone’s been in, and no one enjoys — with her single Maybe which released July 16. The juxtaposition between playful production and a melancholy story shows listeners that everything happens for a reason. The chorus of “Maybe” reflects a painful moment of acceptance in which the singer-songwriter realizes a lack of appreciation from her significant other. She writes, “maybe is reserved for things that don’t hurt, like should you chop off your hair or throw out clothes you don’t wear,” asserting that love has to warrant more than just a “maybe.” This project is a rumination through clear eyes in which Sydney breaks down the reasons why relationships like this never work.

“Maybe” represents the start of a new era for the artist; characteristic of playful, upbeat projects in contrast to her previous releases. Racing thoughts kept Sydney awake, eventually compelling her to get out of bed and write the chorus to the song. She came back to the idea weeks later, filling in the blanks to a story of heartbreak, and in the end, growth. This single is a testament to the value of never settling for less than you deserve.

In partnership with producer Jake Ohlbaum, the two recorded the single remotely over Zoom. Jake produced Sydney’s prior EP, and the artistic dynamic between the two was a match made in heaven that called them to continue working together. The two managed to capture the same magic in the recording process that fills the room during in-person studio sessions, despite the complications of isolation during the pandemic; the result is an upbeat, perfect-for-summer anthem that tells the story of someone realizing their worth.

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The singer-songwriter bases her identity in honesty and simplicity, letting truth permeate the lyrical content of her music. In every song, she gives listeners a “snapshot of a time in [her] life that was special to [her].” Sydney has grown up as a musician and found that a life-long companionship with her guitar has shaped her into the confident artist she is today. Sydney gives listeners an unadulterated, authentic representation of herself — “no over the top makeup or creating an image of myself that doesn’t feel truthful,” she says. “It’s a girl with her guitar telling stories she writes in her bedroom in hopes that others will relate.”

Find “Maybe” on all major streaming platforms now.

Sydney Lauren tells stories through her songs. She grew up singing and writing music just outside of New York City, the place she now calls home. The city serves as her inspiration as well as her stomping grounds, and she has performed in NYC venues like the delancey & the bitter end. Sydney’s training in piano, guitar and songwriting are clearly reflected in her songs, which take inspiration from some of her favorite artists including JP Saxe, Sarah Bareilles, Ingrid Andress, and more. Her music has been featured on Temptation Island and The Biggest Loser on USA Network. Sydney’s new era of music represents a chapter in her life lyrically, and her authentic vision sonically. She dives into the emotions that occur during heartbreak and the simplistic happiness that can come with love. New York City will always play an important role in her music, whether it’s a street she references or the subway home. Fans can find her latest single “Maybe”on all major streaming platforms on July 17.

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