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Premiere: Dejhare Elevates Our Spirits With New Catchy Dance Anthem Titled “Do What You Gotta Do”

We have the distinct pleasure to announce that singer-songwriter Dejhare, pronounced Dei-Jhar, is today releasing her latest dance-pop banger titled “Do What You Gotta Do.” In August 2020, Dejhare released a reimagined dance version of her first album Unbreakable titled D7, and today, the release of this dance-EDM anthem sprinkled with pop influences throughout acts as a much-needed escape during this pandemic and once again confirms Dejhare’s immense artistic potential. 

“Do What You Gotta Do” speaks about our shared experience through this pandemic. Like the rest of us, Dejhare has also been impacted by the pandemic and she has had to alter most of her plans for the year.  While staying safe and low key at home, Dejhare has used her time to explore and experiment with new musical styles, a process that gave birth to the addictive “Do What You Gotta Do.” 

This new single sees Dejhare at her prime creative shape, on a track filled with cool fun vibes, authentic grooves and melodious energetic beats that immediately embed themselves in your head as you listen to it, while the catchy lyrics are beautifully written and deeply relevant to our current life. The perfect sonic push we need to shake off our cramped state of stress, “Do What You Gotta Do” is motivating, inspiring, and holds the power to heal those who come across it. “Do What You Gotta Do” perfectly exemplifies the power that you may gain if you cling to your instincts and not break down in your daily challenges, especially during the pandemic.

Dejhare’s empowering mindset and ability to bridge and juggle with different genres, as well as her extensive experience as a singer-songwriter, give the infinitely positive “Do What You Gotta Do” all the elements to spark mass appreciation among music lovers from around the globe.

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Artist Spotlight

Koolie Koo Koo Takes the Music Industry by Storm with His Unique Approach to Songwriting

Koolie Koo Koo

Koolie Koo Koo is a talented recording artist and performer based in Miami. With a unique approach to music, he follows the philosophy that “melody is key,” a belief passed down to him from his late uncle, Errol “Pumpkin” Bedward, also known as King of the Beats.

Koolie Koo Koo draws inspiration from great musicians such as David Benoit, Babyface, Devante Swing, and Static Major. He writes, records, and produces his music, using his influences to create a distinct sound that sets him apart from other artists. Koolie Koo Koo prefers to record alone in the studio, doing all his vocals himself. His music is recorded at Arthause Studios in South Florida, and he focuses on sync and licensing.

Derive Music Publishing is excited to announce the release of Koolie Koo Koo’s latest single, “Thursday,” available now on all major platforms. “Thursday” is a catchy and upbeat track that showcases Koolie Koo Koo’s unique style and musical talent. The song has already gained attention from fans and music critics alike, with many praising Koolie Koo Koo’s distinct sound and creative vision.

His first two releases, “Thursday” and “Morman,” are gaining momentum and can be streamed on all available platforms. Koolie Koo Koo’s partnership with Venice Music Collective allows him to maintain full creative control of his music while releasing singles through them and concentrating on syncing his music outside of his business with them.

Stay connected with Koolie Koo Koo: Instagram | Spotify

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Dylan Gitalis Explores Loss and Memories in New Single “Frosted Windows” and Upcoming EP “Frost”

Dylan Gitalis

Dylan Gitalis announces the release of his emotionally charged new single “Frosted Windows,” inspired by a poignant memory of his brother etching a mysterious creature on a car window during a drive to their grandmother’s funeral. Through “Frosted Windows,” Gitalis delves into themes of death, pain, and the numbing feeling of loss.

Featuring duets with his talented singer friends, this introspective track is just the beginning of Dylan Gitalis’s heartfelt journey, which continues with his upcoming EP, “Frost.” Music lovers are invited to explore the depth and vulnerability of Gitalis’s artistry in this captivating new release.

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