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PREMIERE: Lékan Tella Drops Much Awaited Music Video For ‘Savannah Red’

Lékan Tella has just dropped a new music video for his single titled ‘Savannah Red,’ blending together soft and soulful hymns, and incorporating them with his signature retro and disco tones. ‘Savannah Red’ reawakens the emotional aesthetics that Lékan Tella blended together in his previously released debut single, ‘Emptiness.’ 


The music video is a gorgeous production that beautifully reflects on-screen the song’s vibe and story, talking about a couple in their last phase of relationship before a break-up, when everything has lost meaning and excitement, and where the woman is going out at night with another man, with whom she seems in perfect harmony dancing it all out over Tella’s hypnotic soundtrack. 


The new track is fun and lively, but also evokes and distills nostalgic emotions in its sound! Lékan’s unique vocals and his silky and soft, very Marvin Gaye-like voice emphasize the smoothness of the song and expose his emotional and vulnerable side. When listening to the lyrics, ‘Savannah Red’ is a piece of gold, and the ballad empowers a serenading and thoughtful spirit. 


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Check out Lékan Tella’s Spotify, and watch his new music video below: