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Premiere: Sadé Awele Dives Deeper Into Her Own Story While Sharing Her Reflective Mode On Inspiring EP Titled Time Love Journey

Nigeria-born singer-songwriter Sadé Awele is finally releasing her latest EP, Time Love Journey, sharing her reflective mode while revealing an incredibly beautiful fusion between Afro-Soul, contemporary R&B, and Jazz. 

After releasing many promising singles these past years, she now dives deeper than ever into her own story, greatly inspired by her Yoruba and Ibo heritage. Her authenticity is as inspiring as the magic she is able to convey to listeners through groovy songs that bring together afro-soul, conscious alternative r&b, neo-soul and contemporary r&b in a perfect fit. 

She has undoubtedly found and created her own lane in music, and was described by Exclaim! Media as “an artist that needs to be heard in 2020, Sadé Awele is the afro infused r&b artist we have been waiting for.” Influenced by some of the greatest music stars such as Nao, Erykah Badu, Jamila Woods, HER, Beyoncé, Awele has all the elements to bring a serious competition to the major artists. 

Her reflective mode gave birth to Time Love Journey, which in essence, are the three main components of her life story. Time is what she needs to grow, heal, evolve as an artist and as a person with songs like “No Love Lost”. Love is what gets her through the toughest times with songs like “Peak”, it’s also what has taken her to the toughest times with songs like “Rebound”. “Journey” wraps it all in one, it’s her experience of being, which she interprets with “Take it Easy”.

She is in her zone, and that comfort, care, and soothing feeling is present throughout this major EP by the gorgeous Sadé Awele, who is setting the bar very high in terms of quality, content, and performance, while we hope you will enjoy diving into the graceful work of art that is Time Love Journey the way we did. 


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