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See Your Shadow Songwriting (SYS) Gets Crazy on New Single Release

See Your Shadow Songwriting (SYS) releases “Crazy Things Like That.” It’s the follow-up to their Top 10 National Radio Hits Top 10 single, “Take it to Your Grave.”

With a mission to create truly iconic music that has been crafted by a diverse group of musical geniuses, See Your Shadow Songwriting (SYS) has announced the release of their latest single, “Crazy Things Like That.”  Releasing on Friday, October 28th, 2022, the single is already picking up steam at radio, where it was among the Top 5 country singles added this week, according to the National Radio Hits chart.  The new single follows up their Top 10 NRH Country chart hit, “Take it to Your Grave” (#7.)

Artistic Director for SYS, Michael Coleman explains the song: “Crazy Things Like That’ was originally written for a finalist for the television program, ‘The Voice.’ When that finalist was a no-show for the meeting that was scheduled in Nashville, the song was placed on the shelf and See Your Shadow held onto it.  It wasn’t until SYS relaunched and formulated its new sound that the piece was finally given life.”

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Michael continues, “I sat out to write something very visual and very fun. The beauty of this piece is that you can close your eyes and listen to it, and it is like you are watching a video, you really get the visuals.”

Watch the video for “Crazy Things Like That” at


After primarily being known for its dance club music, and its work in film and television, See Your Shadow Songwriting rebranded itself and decided to switch its focus and sound to its first love, country and western. With a new stable of vocalists and musicians, See Your Shadow Songwriting, has crafted and developed its new sound harkening back to the vivid storytelling and emotion of old-school country.

Their breakout single, “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello” reached #1 on the iTunes Country Songs chart in South Africa while receiving national and international airplay and charting. Follow-up, “My Worth” duplicated that feat. Subsequent releases have topped the international iTunes and airplay charts, in countries including the United Kingdom. SYS current has more than 400K Spotify streams.

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You can learn more about See Your Shadow Songwriting and experience the See Your Shadow Songwriting sound at its flagship website,


The Italian Composer Aria Releases New Single

Assieme Edizioni from Sanremo, Italy is proud to announce Aria’s new holiday single, “A Christmas Letter.”  Aria has continued his tradition of releasing ensemble collaborations with talented singers and musicians. In April it was the call to arms for animal rights, The Next Life, and now it’s a song of recognition for working mothers around the world who can’t be at home with their children for Christmas.

Some may know Aria (real name Mariano Schiavolini) for his work with the Italian progressive rock group, Celeste, but in recent years he’s been traveling the world looking for the perfect artists and sounds to “contaminate” his fusion pieces. In the last few years alone, this has led him to South Africa, Los Angeles, and France.

In 2021 he traveled to Prague to work with the world-renowned City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. What they achieved was nothing short of breathtaking. We’re happy to introduce the first song from that session.

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“A Christmas Letter” is a classic soul/R&B tune in the Motown style. It features Sherita O. as a lead vocalist (Boney M.) and North Macedonia’s Heruvimi children’s choir. We’ve also released a beautiful music video.

Christmas is a time of joy, when people come together. But so many can’t be home with their loved ones. Think of the mothers in the military, in the service industry, and what about those in war zones? During this magical time of year, let us all stop to think of those precious to us and take a moment to wish peace upon the world.

“A Christmas Letter” is out now in online stores!

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Occ Taee scores big with new single “I H8TE HOES”

Occ Taee has come through with a fresh new single called “I H8TE HOES”. Based in Indianapolis, Occ Taee has been an artist on the rise, catching the attention of major labels with his tenacious authority and rising social media presence.

The prolific artist returns once again with a fast-paced heavy hitter in “I H8TE HOES”. Containing raw, intense production and flows that showcase Taee’s strenghts on the mic, with superb breath control and a commanding delivery that demands the listener’s full attention.

Harp strings and trap drums excite listeners around the world to the sound of Occ Taee’s 2nd release this month. This track continues to remind fans of his grit, hard work, and attention to detail. It’s a track that expresses his feelings to never trust anyone, sharing his past experiences and reminding his listeners to stay on their toes.

Audio engineer Tyler Weaver once again creates magic with Occ Taee’s new single. Mixing and mastering the rapper’s unique single to allow his fans the ultimate listening experience. From the detailed track layering to the stylistic additions, Tyler Weaver created a track every Occ Taee fan wants to listen to.

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In addition, Occ Taee proves once again that he’s here to stay. With his streak of consistent music drops, Occ Taee will make sure we never forget his name.

If you are not familiar with Occ Taee already, we recommend you get acquainted with the rising Indianapolis artist, who has been on a hot streak of late with stylish, immersive trap bangers.

Stream “I H8TE HOES” here:

Follow Occ Taee on social media:

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