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Stromer Hills presents a new single “if u like the way i walk”

"if u like the way i walk" by Stromer Hills

Canadian-based singer-songwriter Stromer Hills releases a new single called “if u like the way i walk”, a fun experience of music that makes the listener feel good while hearing it. The bright feel of the music lets its light shine on the listener to give them joy from the sound that will surely keep them coming back for more, with an undeniable catchy sound that gets better with every listen.

if u like the way I walk” came to Stromer from start to finish one evening. “Those vocals that you hear on the record are the same ones I recorded on the spot, nothing was re-recorded or added later,” explains Stromer. “You could say that the song is a story of what I like to call “airport love”. I think it has happened to everyone at some point where you see a cute girl (or guy) at the airport (or anywhere for that matter) and there’s this little spark and connection but you know you’ll probably never see each other again. There’s something about that “what if…” And even though the moments leading up to this song were pretty dark, it’s really a happy-go-lucky and lighthearted song that you can dance to. And that really inspires me to make more ‘happy’ music.

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With his unique voice, message, and connection with his fans, Stromer Hills truly strums a different chord than his contemporaries providing a breath of fresh air to all who listen. With this being said, he is in the position to rocket into stardom and become a household name. His mission extends further than just to make good music, proving to be a beacon of light to his followers and speaking to a generation that needs hope with true heart and passion.

Listen to “if u like the way i walk” by Stromer Hills:

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Artist Spotlight

Ki Storii shines on new single, “Shawty Lo” (ft. Cheek the Profit)

Bronx artist Ki Storii came onto our radar for her recent single, “Shawty Lo”, which features fellow Renaissance Music member Cheek the Profit of New Jersey. An electrifying, catchy single that could rattle any track or provide an apt soundtrack to any night of clubbing and partying, “Shawty Lo”‘s infectious bounce and sharply-crafted vocals demand the listener’s attention immediately. Containing raw, hard-hitting percussion, catchy key riffs, and heavy 808s, “Shawty Lo” is a powerful, and simultaneously sensual, song that provides truly engaging energy.

Talking about “Shawty Lo”, Ki Storii says, “Shawty Lo is about being the life of the party and how the guys love being around her.” This quote rings true from the opening remarks where she states “m*f*ckers out here asking for an only fans page… HA”.

Listen to “Shawty Lo” here and familiarize yourself with the rising Bronx artist:



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Artist Spotlight

AVX shares infectious album, ‘Highs & Lows’



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