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The Intriguing Style of Harmony Dreamers Shines on “I Come From Earth (Nashville Jam)”

Harmony Dreamers are one of the most interesting musical acts to have appeared in recent years, especially in the music scene. Their single “I Come from Earth,” received a warm reception, and this has made it a big mainstay in many alternative stations. Even we were big fans of the single, so now that Harmony Dreamers have released a country-tinged variant titled “I Come From Earth (Nashville Jam),” you know we have to give it a look.

“I Come From Earth (Nashville Jam),” carries with it the same humorous ideas that the original does, but as the name suggests, it throws in a bit of that Nashville flare to give it more flavor. Behind the country-style acoustic guitars and sweet riffs, you’ve still got all the eclectic sounds and interesting production choices giving the song a ‘best of both worlds’ kind of feel.

The writing is still as funny and clever as ever, with Harmony Dreamers really putting a lot of clever little inflections that give such a strong personality to the tune. ‘Weird’ is a style that’s rarely embraced in the Country and Americana scenes, and it’s really great to see Harmony Dreamers bringing a bit of that into the mix here.

Of course, with more country-themed sound comes a different overall vibe. Where the original version  of the song revels in its own unique sound giving it an almost alien feel, “I Come from Earth (Nashville Jam),” grounds the tone a little more. Things change from a simple, sci-fi tone to the sound of a storyteller, one with an eccentric sense of humor.

But, how does it actually feel like to listen to “I Come From Earth (Nashville Jam”? Well, to be perfectly honest, we feel like the song’s just as much of a good time as its original. It adds just enough to the mix to give the Nashville variant a personality and tone of its own, while still maintaining all the charm of the original. There’s a lot to like here, and Harmony Dreamers do a great job.

So overall, we find this one to be another big success for Harmony Dreamers. It’s tough to really craft unique singles over and over again, and it’s even more difficult to rework something you already made into a new mold. They pull it off with flying colors here, and it only makes us more excited to see what Harmony Dreamers has in store for us in the future.

–Jason Airy


Ashley Puckett Holds Nothing Back on “Tequila”

A woozy, dazed quality emerges on Ashley Puckett’s yearning “Tequila”. From the slide guitar to the gritty storytelling it all works. She manages to make this rather captivating world one that feels doubly refreshing. Everything about her delivery adds to the inherent beauty of the piece. Rhythms go for a looseness ensuring that every single detail gets accentuated with percussion that works on an emotional level. Best of all the riffs have a dreamy disposition for there is this sense of pure longing that defines the work.

She holds nothing back and right from the beginning it has its own sense of purpose. A groove has an unsteadiness to it, perfectly embodying what a lot of tequila might do to a person. This, on top of the lustful glances that she brings into the fray, further adds to the romantic quality of the work. Volume adds to this for the piece virtually works itself into an outright crescendo. Many different parts of the group makes sure to intermingle creating this vast expanse of territory, the kind of thing that feels quite potent. For the final stretch of the mix the song seemingly tapers off, allowing for a gradual letdown of that kinetic energy, with her voice continuing to lead the way all until the very final moments.

“Tequila” has a tenderness to it, for Ashley Puckett makes sure to touch upon the very essence of what it means to truly want.

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Renowned Jewelry Artist Megan-Marie Launches “The Althea Collection”

Jewelry artist Megan-Marie is known for exclusive and artfully crafted jewelry collections. She has launched her “Althea Collection” of luxury 14K gold chains.

Every chain in this collection was handcrafted by me…The part that I love most, though, is that these chains are made to be individualized and flatter your unique body and style. ”

— Megan-Marie

Known for her luxury handcrafted gold jewelry collections, Megan-Marie is a New York-based gold jewelry artist with a strong focus on quality and artistry. Being greatly admired by her clients, her collections have sold out fast in the past. She is now back with the new luxury “Althea Collection” featuring custom luxury 14k solid gold chain designs. Taking inspiration from organic textures and shapes, the collection is meant to reinvent and modernize jewelry designs often depicted in Greek mythology. With more chain designs soon to arrive, each order is handcrafted by Megan-Marie so the jewelry can best compliment the measurements of every client.

“Every chain in this collection was handcrafted by me, which really separates them from the generic designs we see in stores and online,” says Megan-Marie. “The part that I love most, though, is that these chains are made to be individualized and flatter your unique body and style. Whether it’s a chunky bracelet, short necklace, or shiny anklet, I believe everyone can feel incredible wearing these unique, timeless chains. And I’ve got more coming!”

The “Althea Collection” features highly customizable chain designs that can be altered to each client’s demands. The collection features The Hera Chain, The Dria Chain, The Klio Chain, The Ares Chain, The Circe Chain, The Astraia Chain and The Helios Chain. “The Helios Chain was inspired by the mythological Greek god Helios, the god and personification of the sun,” Megan-Marie explains. “The chain’s organic texture is meant to resemble the glistening Mediterranean Sea on a sunny day, and, when assembled, forms a clean, modern line. My intention was for it to feel ethereal and luxurious yet casual and comfortable.”

Previous collections from the artist such as the ‘Evergreen Collection’ and the ‘Spearhead Collection’ have drawn unique aesthetic inspirations from different places and eras, while still maintaining the luxury, handcrafted quality that Megan-Marie is known for.

ABOUT MEGAN-MARIE: Megan-Marie is a gold jewelry artist and a Doctor in Physical Therapy by degree. She is a first-generation American woman originally from the quiet suburbs of Boston. While she loved playing sports, her love for jewelry started young and evolved into a passion when she was yearning for a creative outlet in her mid-twenties.

Instagram: @meganmarie.handmade
Facebook: @meganmarie.handmade
TikTok: @meganmarie.handmade
Twitter: @meganmarie_hm

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