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The Strangest Things Celebrities Request In Their Contract

There are different kind of celebrities who goes on a tour around the world definitely comes with there perks. And the perks of all might be the Tour Rider. Tour Rider is a document states the rules and regulations that must be archive for the performer to appear.

Celebrities can request for anything from Luxury food, cars etc.

The only limit to what goes in a Tour Rider is a star’s imagination. Many celebrity rider requests are understandable when you remember they spend hundreds of days a year on the road and need to stay in top shape. But some celebrities definitely seem to take advantage of the whole rider system to indulge in their strangest quirks.

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Jeyaia – “No Love”

Jeyaia makes special audio that creates the ultimate bliss on the new song “No Love”. The fresh approach works wonders, from the first few seconds that grab you in and let you know, this isn’t something you come across every day. Each aspect of the song makes it remarkable, with a sound in the production that feels good to hear, and the amazing vocal performance that sounds like it was truly meant to be on this record to make it a complete masterpiece, as the writing comes to life for us all to enjoy.

Jeyaia’s “No Love” is a true one-of-a-kind record that encompasses the art that music will forever be. It’s that special music that can’t be put in any one box, as it truly is a work of art that stands apart from anything you’ve heard before to make its own experience that’s enjoyable to dive into. If you love good creative music this is easily a must-hear song that you need to hear now.

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Listen to “No Love” by Jeyaia

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This Summer’s Most Vibrant Music Video: “Just Fly” by Max Barskih

Singer-songwriter Max Barskih recently released his new song called “Just Fly”. Immediately grabbing the attention of several media outlets, the new single became an instant hit. A positive mantra, this song is an expression of the Ukrainian artist’s talent and ambition as well as his mindset.

His other English-language hits include the singles “Bestseller” and “Silence” which gained over 10 million views combined. A natural performer, Max puts on an unforgettable show that adds sophistication to his video clips. Max Barskih has hundreds of thousands of subscriptions both on YouTube and Spotify which can only be natural since his music is so heartfelt and genuine. 

Everything about “Just Fly” hints at the 50’s aesthetics and the Golden era of Hollywood. The music clip is flamboyant and vibrant, perfectly matching the dance moves of everyone involved. And if one were to listen and not watch, the song would still stand out as a source of positivity and an instant mood-changer. 

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Undoubtedly one of the most unique and pleasing songs of this summer, “Just Fly” will be played continuously in the coming years. The first song of Barskih’s upcoming album, “Just Fly” is a positivity anthem. According to the artist: “ It is important to appreciate what we have and believe in the best – that is what I dedicate my future album to.”

Max Barskih:  InstagramSpotifyWebsiteYouTube

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