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This Looks Amazing: Must-See Trailer For Sir Steve McQueen’s New Amazon Prime Series ‘Small Axe Anthology’ [Video]

Small Axe Anthology trailer directed by Steve McQueen on Amazon Prime Video …

Oh, this series is definitely getting our WiFi bandwidth.

Small Axe Anthology

Source: Amazon Prime Video / Amazon Prime Video

Legendary director Steve McQueen is back with a new work of art entitled Small Axe: A Collection Of Five Films. The anthology stars John Boyega, Letitia Wright, Michael Ward, Malachi Kirby, and several other super talented actors.

In order, the episodes are entitled Mangrove, Lovers Rock, Red, White, and Blue, Alex Wheatle, and Education. Each vignette offers insight into the West Indian culture of London back in the 70s and 80s and tackles each character’s battle with the racism and discrimination that proliferate their lives.

You already know how Steve McQueen gives it up and based on this trailer, this is going to be another feather in a hat full of them. Press play below and check it out.

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Artist Spotlight

Jaxxon D. Silva Unleashes New Album ‘NUMBSKULL’

Jaxxon D. Silva

Multidisciplinary dark trap artist Jaxxon D. Silva drops a brand new project entitled “NUMBSKULL”. Born in LA and raised throughout his teenage years across the U.K., Jaxxon has been releasing a cast of eclectic music since 2017—bouncing from grungy alt-rock to lo-fi, and throwback hip-hop as well as collaborating with stars like the late, now legendary Lil Peep, chart-topper Pharrell, and Skepta.

The project which is now also available to stream on all listening platforms is a 7-track agglomeration that spans his career and details his experiences during the 2.5-year gap since his last collection “Painting With Poison” dropped.

Tune into “NUMBSKULL” below.

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Morojele Music Group Announces First Canada-Wide Tour

Morojele Music Group

Canadian urban music label Morojele Music Group is going on tour this fall. The label has announced its first official and long-awaited 2022 “Proceed With Caution” tour which will hit stages all around Canada.

With a roster that’s been dominating the urban music scene, there could have not been a more fitting name than ‘Proceed With Caution.

“The name of the tour was a collective idea between Flash Milla and SBO Swampy. They both wanted a name that would make a statement as well as something that embodies “watch out, we’re here”, “move cautiously around us”, and “approach with caution” specifically because all of their artistry embodies the next wave of top 40 music.” said Vice President Oriah Andrews

The line-up includes roster stars Grymee, SBO Swampy, Mykell Messiah, Flash Milla, and the newest member 16-year-old Lil Kizzle. Special guests are also in the works according to Andrews, “We will be booking artists that are originally from each city to come out and represent their hometowns.”

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Targeting College and University grounds their city selection was based heavily on popularity in Southern Ontario, Canada. The variety-packed roster will be performing in cities where a range of hip hop, rap, r&b, and trap music have a solid presence.

Cities include Ottawa, Hamilton, Guelph, Sarnia, and London. Additional cities will be announced as the tour develops. (See below)

With the label’s YouTube channel currently holding over 12.2 million views, and remaining on the uprise, it is no question that the roster will outperform all expectations when they hit the stage.

For a full list of cities and ticket options see the Eventbrite ticket below.

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