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Tundra Music Collective Release New Music

Whether delivered via a gritty melodic hue in “Danger,” a distant swing in “Modified” or through a surprisingly rock-inspired mix ala “Suspension of Disbelief,” Tundra Music Collective is all about powerful and driven harmonies in Rawk On. Between the instruments and the vocals, there’s incendiary chemistry that produces some surprisingly sterling foundations for almost every exciting moment this album has to offer, but I wouldn’t say that the disc is an homage to a similarly conventional hip-hop model we saw explode out of the American scene to the south just a decade ago. This is a band that blends together a lot of eclectic influences, but despite their scattered origin, the music they create is anything but unfocused.

Beyond the interplay between the melodic instrumental parts and the vocals, there are plenty of intriguing beats to behold on Rawk On. Take the slick title track or mildly harmony-focused “Kanpe” for prime examples; though both of these tracks are steeped in enormous grooves that aren’t dependent on a drum element in theory, they wouldn’t be nearly as engaging were they not riddled with the potent percussive elements they’re each afforded here. Tundra Music Collective aren’t communicating through singular channels in this LP; for all intents and purposes, they’re utilizing the studio – and their instrumental output – as much as possible in this capacity.

This record has a great flow that allows for otherwise conflicting compositions like “Modified” and “Safe” to sit together in the tracklist rather seamlessly. Rawk On often feels less like an introduction than it does an album that’s been tightly packed with identity affirmations – even at its most simplistic, like the aforementioned “Safe,” it’s got a full-bodied feel that isn’t frequently found in this type of hip-hop release. There are a lot of ways to broach a six-song package, but from where I sit, Tundra Music Collective gives fans more bang for our buck than the average indie outfit does in 2023.



It would be really interesting to hear some heavier material from this band in the future, mostly because the metallic components of these songs suggest a fiery side worth exploring. Aesthetically speaking, I think it would be safe to say that Tundra Music Collective has a lot of rock, soul, hip-hop, jazz, afrobeat, and worldbeat in their daily diet, but they’re not posting up throwbacks in this offering.

They’re still coming into their own, and with the work they lay down here, I can’t wait to hear what they can do with more firepower and room to breathe in the studio.

There’s still a lot of heavy lifting to be done, but the potential that Tundra Music Collective is boasting in Rawk On is unmistakable even to the most novice of critics. 2022 was an interesting year for indie music, but if you’re looking for something consistent and fireworks-laden in 2023, this is one record you won’t want to miss out on. Quality beats quantity every time, and that’s especially true in an album like this one.


Sebastian Cole





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Kye Colors Delivers a Vivid Picture with New EP “COLORMAN: RED”

Kye Colors

Today, Kansas City’s prodigious talent, Kye Colors, officially unveils his much-anticipated EP, COLORMAN: RED, a vibrant, four-track masterpiece showcasing his exceptional skills as a rapper and producer. Born J’Kye Slatton, the young artist’s creative genius shines through in each track on the EP, including the hit single “PHIL COLLINS.”

“COLORMAN: RED” features four captivating tracks, with the first single, “PHIL COLLINS,” having already made waves in the music industry last year. The song’s success led to a partnership with Kye’s current management and label, Wasteland Records, and Atlanta-Based LVRN. The visually striking music video for “PHIL COLLINS” was expertly crafted by a renowned director the Reel Goats.

Following the release of “PHIL COLLINS,” Kye Colors continued to impress with the hauntingly beautiful “IN THE DARKNESS.” Other tracks featured in “COLORMAN: RED” include the alluring “LIE SO SWEET” and the emotionally charged “SAFE + SOUND.”

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See Your Shadow Produces Another Hit with Latest “Whatever On the Rocks”

Songwriters Michael Coleman and J. Richard Murray otherwise known as See Your Shadow have delivered us their latest single Whatever On The Rocks. A country song by any other means, but also something slightly different. Whatever On The Rocks is a veer from See Your Shadow‘s typical thematic approach in that it is more open to interpretation than previous pieces. The illustrious use of metaphor in this track took me a little off-guard as I was expecting a more traditional country song infused with spiritual connotations resulting in the quintessential topics See Your Shadow usually explores. Now, I may be completely off track with this interpretation, but this is my privilege of being an unbiased reviewer. I feel this track is about acceptance, about understanding that everybody has their own unique pain, and demons they are wrestling with. Whatever On The Rocks thus becomes a metaphor for giving people anything they require to ease their burdens and cope with the pain regardless of faith, conditions, or beliefs. If I am on to something here, I have found a newfound appreciation for the power of songwriting, as this theme is not so very present, but a lingering impression left long after the song has been consumed. The performance as well leads to this acceptance theme as each cadence is resolved on the downbeat with a lower vocal articulation. This method of singing lends to the emotive display of finality and less to the possibility of challenging the overall status quo. By staying true to the country music archetype of alcohol for pain relief, yet offering ambiguity to what is in the glass, See Your Shadow has in turn taken a simple archetype and turned it around into a complex emotive piece of art worthy of this discussion.

Whatever On The Rocks is a great contemporary Country song with hints of traditional elements. The production of this track is well-executed, the vocals are crisp and clear while the melodic form which takes up the majority of the instrumentation contrasts the vocals with ease. I feel this track could have used some more bottom end to help push the groove as Whatever On The Rocks plays more in the treble range of the frequency band. This is not a bad thing, as this song does possess an uplifting presence and the choice to not push a main funk helps keep the feeling and power of this track as an inspirative piece. Of course, like everything else See Your Shadow produces, the commercial aspects are always present. A hit single by any other means, perfect for Country, Middle-Of-The-Road, or Adult Contemporary radio formats. The singing, musical performance, and phrasing of the choruses give Whatever On The Rocks a sure replayable aspect, and hopefully, give you the listener a new meaning with each listen.

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